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Do I go left or do I go right?

I once again have not been on here for a while and I must say a big sorry.  Sadly life has taken over me in the last 5 months however there is definately a glimpse of sun on the horizon. So I have finished filming Hollyoaks where I play Helen a character who has been emotionally abused by her husband. A topic which is very close to my heart. The good news is popular programmes are addressing this issue. May I add it can go both ways, women can emotionally abuse men and it is a slow process, before you know it all your friends h...Read more

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Next Exit Continuity Shot

Lets try again, here is a shot taken for continuity of makeup. They allowed me to do a lot of my own stunts well falling over lots and showing a fall after the impact of a gun shot in my left shoulder which was fun. Also I managed to cheat being pulled out of the car I had no padding so my right hand side is really bruised but worth every scratch...My stunt boys in Portugal would be very proud of me...

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Next Exit

    I have not written for a while as I have just finished shooting Next Exit a thriller. We used an ARRI Alexa which was exciting- for those of you who not familular it is a new digital camera and has taken the scene by storm. Drive was shot using one of these so you can work out the quality of the film- beautiful.I played the protagonist Jenny- with a few cuts and bruises later we wrapped at 5am Friday morning.This shoot bought together an incredible group of talented members and I am so thank ful they picked me to play their Jenny. Happy Pancake...Read more

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Artists and Money creates friction


Hi all,

So a quick update since my last blog... I have just finished shooting a music video for The Instance a young male Alex - hip hop genre. It is now in post and should be interesting to see what the outcome is. I was recalled for a great commercial but sadly did not land it "The Sniper Twins" were directing you should check out their work it is great.

So the story for today is I have always been slightly weary in this industy as in any indusrty there are alot of people who are lookin...Read more

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Artists and Money creates friction


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You can Say No- Im just not very good at it


Hi All,


So my very dear friend flew to Berlin this morning to audition for a big feature- we spruced up his CV and Head shot and off he went on his travels. I do hope he comes back in January. So I learnt something over the weekend which can certainly be applied to every walk of life... You can so No. The long and the short of it whenever I am asked to help someone or do something I always say Yes but inside I am screaming No I have no time, or crikey I have No money and then wind up try...Read more

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That's what friends are for.

So I started off speaking German this morning for Burger King for you guessed it Germany and saw two very familiar faces. One chap is currently working with a very good friend of mine on a film whilst the other I worked with on Hollyoaks. Then to the next and bumped into another familiar face one who lights a little a warmth in my heart when I see him. We played tennis together in San Francisco and Minniapolis whilst we toured last year. When you work so closely on tour it can go either way. I can gladly say that group of act...Read more

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Hold me the forgotten Way -Pink Pony


So this is first of many I hope... and I am not entirely sure where to begin.

A little about myself:  I grew up in Stratford Upon Avon and went to boarding school from the age of 8 until 18 and to be honest really were great years. Acting was not something I felt I wanted to do from the age dot but I deifinately began to fall in love with plays by the age of 15.

So through a lot of hard work, study, heart ache and"...Read more

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Blog: Thursday, Nov 10

Video: http://youtu.be/BPRwHxXbCZc Parents Evening - This was fun to shoot and cannot believe it was nearly two years ago. Give them a try they are actually extremely good.

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I'm excited to join the team of 7300 days later as Eddie....

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