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You can Say No- Im just not very good at it


Hi All,


So my very dear friend flew to Berlin this morning to audition for a big feature- we spruced up his CV and Head shot and off he went on his travels. I do hope he comes back in January. So I learnt something over the weekend which can certainly be applied to every walk of life... You can so No. The long and the short of it whenever I am asked to help someone or do something I always say Yes but inside I am screaming No I have no time, or crikey I have No money and then wind up trying to get myself out of situations I really could have avoided. Well this weekend I got nipped in the butt more for my lack of communication and not being able to say actually really sorry but I can't do this although I have been one the gunning to do it... I will add I have upset someone and sadly in this industry one will get emotionaly envolved so it always gets a bit tricky...But I will learn and let go of this and try and turn those yes's into No's and focus on what is important.

245 I have a casting for a great long running commercial with a really top director who's work I adore- but I need to be funny... here goes nothing..

Have a great day or night to you all and thank your support,

Love XX

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I'm excited to join the team of 7300 days later as Eddie....

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