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Do I go left or do I go right?

I once again have not been on here for a while and I must say a big sorry.  Sadly life has taken over me in the last 5 months however there is definately a glimpse of sun on the horizon. So I have finished filming Hollyoaks where I play Helen a character who has been emotionally abused by her husband. A topic which is very close to my heart. The good news is popular programmes are addressing this issue. May I add it can go both ways, women can emotionally abuse men and it is a slow process, before you know it all your friends have gone, you know longer have a career and your family are no longer in arms reach. So if you know anyone out there who you fear is being emotionally abused, financially abused and you see they have low self esteem and are gradually hiding from the world. Lend them a kind ear and strength and help them...Peace and love

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I'm excited to join the team of 7300 days later as Eddie....

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