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That's what friends are for.

So I started off speaking German this morning for Burger King for you guessed it Germany and saw two very familiar faces. One chap is currently working with a very good friend of mine on a film whilst the other I worked with on Hollyoaks. Then to the next and bumped into another familiar face one who lights a little a warmth in my heart when I see him. We played tennis together in San Francisco and Minniapolis whilst we toured last year. When you work so closely on tour it can go either way. I can gladly say that group of actors are friends for life and every time I see them they light a little candle in my heart. So now onto the next where I have to say Phenominam a word that the RPG lot would get great pleasure out of hearing me say it... I cannot pronounce this word and fear I never will beable to... Here goes nothing..

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I'm excited to join the team of 7300 days later as Eddie....

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