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Artists and Money creates friction


Hi all,

So a quick update since my last blog... I have just finished shooting a music video for The Instance a young male Alex - hip hop genre. It is now in post and should be interesting to see what the outcome is. I was recalled for a great commercial but sadly did not land it "The Sniper Twins" were directing you should check out their work it is great.

So the story for today is I have always been slightly weary in this industy as in any indusrty there are alot of people who are looking to expoit people I supose it comes down to the archatypes we fit into. I am not naive but I am learning the hard way as an artist and as a girl.

Long and short be careful people.... even when you are signing up to courses and you become friendly with the individuals in the industry who are providing a service be it acting class's, photos etc .... when money is involved things can turn very sour, working on Trust alone is not enough you have to always keep your business head on. People can get very ugly when money is involved.

So the moral Be careful..... in the words of Adam Sandler Funny people "I have people I know in this industry but they are not friends...."

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I'm excited to join the team of 7300 days later as Eddie....

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