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lucky lucky me

Good Morning.  It's prework hrs here, and I should be showering for work, but had to blog up about last nite.  As the title said, had one lucky night.  Luck don't go well with me, but last night was an exception. 

Why was I lucky?  Well for the first time playing poker, I finally won some.  Like I played here and there before, but always lost early.  Because of that, I usually didn't have much fun.  But it was a blast playing and seeing that I still got chips left.  The guys from AnD I played with were great to hang out with, so it was a great nite and I felt super lucky.

Don't take this as gloating, cause i'm afraid someone might delete my page here:)  I though may be it was survival skills at the end that got me the win.  Cause I used all my cash to buy into the game and so I had no choice to win or else I was walking home.  I kept thinking all I need to do is make my money back and place 2nd, but at the end, I was shocked to have won the pot.  My friends who tried to teach me in NY would be so proud, too bad I won't be able play a game with them for awhile.

Here's a picture from the nite.  One of the hands that helped me win.

I had a great nite, I owe all you guys a drink next time I see you.  Btw, big thanks to D* for covering the bill.


Here're a shot from earlier in the nite at skin ink.  More on that later, but it was real cool event too. 


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