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week 2+

The past few weeks are becoming a blur now.  Work is busy as usual, and had left @ 10pm the latest, but I know I'll have to stay pass that in the future.  No complains though, I am enjoying all aspects of life here.  Plus, the news stories that I see on TV made me realized what's real struggle and what are more important in life. 

The personal emotional impact of the earthquake is really more that I could've expected.  I can sort of relate this to September 11th by the horror of the situation.  But I remember that I was more in a state of shock at that time and I sort of felt numb by the unthinkable act.  This time, seeing people struggling to live and seeing all the human stories on TV really depressed me and made me feel helpless.  I pray that healing would come soon for all the people, and I am already planning to see if I can go there this year.  I want to work w/ the same organization I did last year to visit the Orphanage in the area.  So many lifes are broken, and it'll take time to mend.  What people need now are love and support from their fellow men, I know I had been very lucky and I will have to help where I can.

I will let you all know how my planning goes.  It'll be great if I can lead a big team over there and make a even bigger impact.

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