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Leave me to Dream (from the West 32nd St soundtrack)

Here's a video that some friends in New York made for the soundtrack of

Michael Kang's feature film ' West 32nd st'.  The song is Leave Me to Dream by Heather Park, and it is directed by Francisco Aliwalas.  It's a great song that I really like, and even had my own ideas for an video that I shared with Heather.  Apparently, she told me she did end up taking some of my ideas and put them into the video.  Take a look and hope you like it.

For those who don't know about the movie, West 32nd St in New York is the Korean Town of New York.  Mike's film takes place in one of the room salons on this street and is a crime drama revolving around a young lawyer that got involved in the Korean underworld.  The film stars: John Cho, Grace Park, Jun Kim, Jane Kim, Hans Kim and Lanny Joon.

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Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
This movie is not out yet, not sure when it will be out? pat, I will ask my friends to join.
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What a voice!
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