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Jun Kim

The Grey Coat

Due to my computer idiocy, i am just embedding the whole short. I usually don't like dramatic close ended short films. And this short film is no exception. I don't even know why Im putting it up. But hell with it, you guys might LOVE it - and my diluted abs. Pls no comments about needing to work out.

Also featuring Arden Cho, who u can find on my friend's list.


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Gochu Trailer

Video: Entered a Korean drama parody contest hosted by Koream Magazine. 

Just one note of preface..gochu means two things in korean. It means pepper and is also slang for...penis. Hope u enjoy it in a wierd way!



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Hello from LA

Well its been a while. I've relocated to LA as I enter Chapter 3 of my life. Its daunting as I venture into a new town at a not so young age while purposely disregarding the safety net of Korea. I've heard The Scam did well receiving about 1.7 million viewers when it finally closed. Though I played a supporting role, i am happy about adding a successful comic role to my spectrum.

Lets see, since I've been here I've done an independent short called The Forgotten. You can check out the making of and the trailer at Check out the last vestiges of my perm from Korea. We played it at two indy festivals recently, and we're in the process of submitting to other festivals. In the meanwhile I will be hustling for a living and a role like all the rest of the actors in LA. 

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"The Scam" 1st in Opening Weekend Box Office!

Here's a highlight of a funny scene that we did when the members of the scam are introduced to each other for the first time. Enjoy!


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How I Got my Start

i am not a big picture guy. most of the pictures i take are because i do interviews, headshots, spreads and etc. but i keep on going back to this picture. in some ways, i feel like i am looking at a different person - someone who was ambitious, excited, and brimming with naive optimism about starting a new career. i remember reading stanislavski's theory on acting and experimenting with his ideas during rehearsals and the show. that was a total adventure in itself. I also met my ex through this experience. we didn't want anybody to know that we were dating so before every show, we would have coffee at a nearby jazz club and watch other cast members enter the theater followed by her, then me. there was also this one scene in the beginning of the second act  when we enter center stage together. we would both go backstage 5 minutes before our entrance and wait in the dark holding hands. it was a major distraction in terms of staying in character, but i didn't give a shit. it remains to this day, as one of the most nostalgic times of my life. 


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Poster for "The Scam"

I am not on it except my name. But I'm putting it up anyways. I have appointed myself the  head of overseas marketing exclusively via AnD.  Since there's nothing much going on for me at the moment, might as well get diligent with something.



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a friend of mine posed this question to me, "What defines self worth?" at first i was like, this question is pretty cliche but i obliged. upon telling her what was on my mind, i realized certain things that im not usually conscious of -  things i should remind myself of.

as for the question what define's a person's worth, i will say one thing. it requires faith. cause even when we know money, fame, honor, dont define us (who we really are), we're so tempted to let it define us. because the world we live in places so much value in those things. i know that  for me, i feel better about myself when i am financially secure, and feel less so when i am not. i think in some ways, actually in many ways, to have faith is to be a rebel to the world. to gain is to lose, and to lose is to gain. i think ulitmately to be a man or woman of self-worth,  its necessary to be a rebel, like a salmon swimming upstream. and i am hoping that when i am tired and spent, i can then truly rest in peace in stiller waters, where no regrets exist.

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an amazing songwriter singer

Video: http://

this young man is a prodigy in my mind. his lyrics, his spirit, and his talent defies convention. some of you may know him already from american idol. he never made it to the top 24, whatever the hell that means. he's better than that.

oh, his name is Josiah Leming


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The Scam...Due out Lunar New Year Holidays


thats the title of the new movie.  the shoot will be over in a week or so and then its a quick trip to the editing room and bam! its out. i am enthusiastic, but not overly  zealous about how it will do. i am more curious to see how people will react to the comedic aspect of my character.

i personally don't find my character that funny, but the people in the project do. for example with the actors, their main objective in their scenes with me is not to laugh. "what the hell is so funny!" i am thinking, and then i start laughing because everyone else is laughing or trying to hold it in. 

here are some things that actors do when they try to hold it in:

 - quivering lips with a frowny chin a contradictory smirk

 - they get busy with props: fidget with their tie, pull out a cigarette, clean their glasses etc

 - they look the other way, and clearly have no intention of looking at you or listening to anything  you have to say.

 - or they try act more emotional - like more angry. they shake their head in disapproval, cover their mouth like they are disgusted, and turn their back on you. and what i see are their shoulders shaking uncontrollably which I know is not from rage.

so basically what i am saying is, i am a funny mofo, so go get a pirated movie and laugh ur ass off.

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