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Ashes of times Redux: HKIFF Premiere

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Yesterday I got a chance to attend the Red Carpet premiere of Wong Kar Wai’s Ashes of Time Redux.  The event was in a nice outdoor setting with a long red carpet leading to the entrance of the Cultural Center.

 There were many fans and press lined up with cameras along the carpet and near the stage for the pre-screening photo op.  I was there with Simon from CB fresh to capture the highlights of the ceremony for HKIFF buzz, so we were walking up and down the red carpet trying to capture all the excitement.  The guests filtered in from 6:30pm to around 7pm, and the biggest stars: Bridget Lin, Charlie Yeung, Tonly Leung, Carina Lau and Wong Kar Wai arrived at the end, and they stopped by the press area to do interviews and have their picture taken. 


But before everyone went into the theater, the stars paused on stage to reflect on the Movie’s lead Actor Leslie Cheung.  They each spoke of their fond memories of Leslie and there was even a video tribute from stars that couldn’t make it that night.  There were many Leslie Fans in attendance, and I’m sure they were looking forward to seeing his film on the big screen again.  The whole tribute and red carpet film introduction took quite some time to finish and it ended with the usual confetti explosion and more photo ops.  

 The film was supposed to start at 7:15pm, but everyone didn’t get inside until around 8pm.  Once I got inside the theater, I was surprise to see that it is so huge.  The grand theater at the Cultural Center has two balconies and I think it can fit about 800 people.  It was pretty packed with people because it was a sold out screening, but I managed to find myself a decent seat.  Right before the screening started, the director and all the stars came in to take their seats.  But since the screening started so late, there were some rude audience members that started to shout insults at the director for being late.  That I thought was very unnecessary and very disrespectful.  Luckily, there was no more noise once the movie started.

The movie itself was very good.  I have seen it years ago on VHS, so seeing it remastered on a big theater was a treat.  The cinematography of this film is the centerpiece of the movie, and the remastering made sure all the beautifully composed shots looked their finest on screen.  The movie isn’t very plot driven, but the story is centered on Leslie’s character and seven other characters that pass through his life.  Amongst the eight main Characters, there were at least three love triangles to fuel the main storyline in the film.  Each of these romances weren’t clearly explained or developed, but instead if focused on the many perils of love: jealousy, pride, longing, envy, regrets, and heartaches.  There were few light moments in this film and it is mostly sullen in its visuals and music, but it all fits well with the themes of the film.  Although there isn’t the same emotional payoff from a typical movie, this film does make you think and reflect on your own life and regrets.  As the director said during his reflection of Leslie, he hopes that the movie will make people learn from regrets of the pasts so they can appreciate the present before it’s too late.

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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Thank you for sharing this with us. There are quite a few Leslie Cheung fans on AnD who will be happy to read your report.
almost 14 years ago
Have you ever thought about a career as a film critic? Good stuff!
almost 14 years ago
Photo 33405
Thanks for sharing. I'm a huge Leslie fan... I don't think I've seen this movie yet so I'll have to look for it.
almost 14 years ago
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No offence, but respect should be mutual. Shouting or making a scene in public occassion is uncouth, therefore the audience who couldn't hold their grace is disgracing themselves. But the director shouldn't be that late, a little leeway could be given out of respect for his accomplishment but almost an hour late is something else. One person's time may not be accountable or precious but a whole theatre full, with almost 800 audiences is rather big a number to ignore. Perhaps its a culture in theatre for well known and popular figures to have more rights and advantage than others. I am not sure. If I was in the same situation I would have been pretty upset too, so its understandable why some audience is upset but the control and behaviour and the way they have handled it were not graceful, that I must totally agree. Again no offence to you... just a view on respect and rudeness.
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