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多謝各位人仔的關心,小明會好好照顧身體快快再開工加加油的了。真係傻左。昨天去看醫生先知自己發燒101度,醫生呆了,因為小明好像沒什麼感覺的。鬼咩。。明仔做什何事都最愛用催眠大法,常同自己講「我冇發燒我冇發燒,我好ok我好ok」咁就會好ok ga la!但點知今次又係呀哮喘來找我。激死。。。。。我而家又要食藥再發功:「我冇哮喘我冇哮喘,我好ok我好ok」yes!!!!冇事既,瞓多兩日就ok哂!好野!見你地咁抵鍚,post mv 相一大張,呵呵呵呵呵呵呵thankszzzzzz^^blessed,lil ming jai:-)

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woah, 101! thats dangerous. I'm glad you're getting better. take it easy for the next few days if possible!
about 15 years ago
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ooo...dear, you better see chinese doctor, it will be more healthy than taking those pills.... by the way, have you watch the rough cut of the 24herbs MV? I just watched it yesterday, you are so cool inside @_@
about 15 years ago
get well soon!
about 15 years ago
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ooo,not yet,would luv to have a llok asap,thanks again to u all,Phat n Julian,n many more givin' great hands on tis one! all da best! blessed, lil ming jai:-)
about 15 years ago


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