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Recnt State|近況|近况

Everyday, I get excited about new things that happens, I am glad to be able to work with singers that I admire. I can sense your true self from your music and what you wear. Did a photo shoot earlier for Milk Magazine on Adidas' new clothes, looks great!

Thank you for the staff's effort, we became friends, it was great working with you guys!

Thanks to Suzanna!!!  


I can still move about even when the weather gets hotter, walking and traveling. Been really serious on dancing recently. Back hurts but it feels good!

Doing it again today!

Exercising gives you happy elements, let me be the example! Hong Kong has many cultures, and a lot of things that belongs specifically to Hong Kong attracts me.

Immediately took a picture!

Has anyone really called?  

I can't sleep well if I see light. I've been sleeping in the dark ever since I was young, and the demand for the quality of darkness got even higher as I grew up.

Found this cute one that will also glow in the dark...

Like it?  

Before I go to sleep, I usually read a little. Bought this book two days ago.

The subject is really positive and cheerful. I like simple happiness.

Other than rushing to finish my third plug, my life is quite enjoyable.

Sometimes I get angry at little things, but I cheer up pretty quickly. Life is... lovely!

Today is Monday, I wish everyone a happy week!


| 每天的新鮮事總叫人興奮,能和欣賞的歌手們合作是件快事.無論在音樂或衣服上都能感到你們的真性情.早前為Milk Magazine拍攝Adidas新裝,好看喲! 謝謝各工作人員的努力,我們玩開了.跟你們合作很開心! thanks to Suzanna!!!     天氣再熱也得動起來,走走遊遊.最近舞跳得很認真.腰酸背痛得很爽! 今天再來! 運動人生有分泌開心因子的成份,由我來示範吧! 香港是個集合了許多文化之地,而專屬本地的,有很多也非常的吸引我. 隨即拍一個吧! 有人真的打過去嗎?   我是見光不能好睡的一類.從少就摸黑入睡的我長大後對黑的要求更高了. 找來一個可愛的,在黑暗中眼睛會發光的它... 愛嗎?   臨睡前會作個小小閱讀的我.兩天前買了這本. 內容很積極開朗.喜歡簡單的快樂! 最近除了在趕工第三plug外,我的人生是蠻寫意享受的. 有時為點小事生氣,但很快又會笑了.人生呢..很美好! 今天星期一,祝大家有個愉快的星期! luv, Charmaine | 每天的新鲜事总叫人兴奋,能和欣赏的歌手们合作是件快事.无论在音乐或衣服上都能感到你们的真性情.早前为Milk Magazine拍摄Adidas新装,好看哟! 谢谢各工作人员的努力,我们玩开了.跟你们合作很开心! thanks to Suzanna!!!     天气再热也得动起来,走走游游.最近舞跳得很认真.腰酸背痛得很爽! 今天再来! 运动人生有分泌开心因子的成份,由我来示范吧! 香港是个集合了许多文化之地,而专属本地的,有很多也非常的吸引我. 随即拍一个吧! 有人真的打过去吗?   我是见光不能好睡的一类.从少就摸黑入睡的我长大后对黑的要求更高了. 找来一个可爱的,在黑暗中眼睛会发光的它... 爱吗?   临睡前会作个小小阅读的我.两天前买了这本. 内容很积极开朗.喜欢简单的快乐! 最近除了在赶工第三plug外,我的人生是蛮写意享受的. 有时为点小事生气,但很快又会笑了.人生呢..很美好! 今天星期一,祝大家有个愉快的星期! luv, Charmaine

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nice!!! ;-)
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these things are EVERYWHERE!
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Ryanhui 26 ryanhui
Cool! Keep it up yo!
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