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how many herbs in da pic,wow.. join da queue?低頭思故明中。。。。maine is under da sun...:-P..hohohotat's da real maine^^crazy lil thing..haha^^yeaaaawow...so shy for da kiss...thanks katrin jai,luv ya! appreciated for such da great job u do for lil maine^^JBS + maine:-)hohohohoho nerdi again,wakkakaa...430maine's on da floor..party time!!!gettin' started~tis is .... aaron ming?hah---"ooops! Generation Maine!!!"goshhhh....hahhaakettle maine..not sure wat kind of post is tat..probably a dancing ming jai..wave wave wave,yeah![](/attachments/2009/02/346301_2009020106000111.jpg)東亞3小花,有吳精理。人見人愛啫哩仔同埋傻明仔。。睇個頭同高度就知係。。。辛苦哂啦,照顧明仔成日..heeeeeee:-P加送明仔後尾枕一個,哈哈哈哈哈哈cheers,enjoy~lil maine:-)

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yeh maine! Great times and cool performance w/the 25thHerb! haha
about 15 years ago
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nice! you were rocking that table top!
about 15 years ago
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I watched almost all the footages yesterday again, your dancing and performance was so great! I like your singing on the sofa scene!
about 15 years ago
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aaron kwok has nothing on you!
about 15 years ago
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hey raffi,,aaron n i both went to physical once,i guess..
about 15 years ago


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