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I hate iPhone 3G

My friend bought an extra one. Since part of the screen of my old iPhone is not working, I can barely text because I can't use the whole touchscreen keyboard. So I gladly bought it from her, also it saved me from waiting in front of the damn Apple for 3 days or hiring someone from the craigslist to wait in line for me. It's the white one, 16GB. It's alright. Not much different from the old one but now it's plastic back. Whatever...as long as it's working good. Everything felt fine. Zippier. Some cool apps you can download. Apple's Texas hold'em is freaking amazing!!!! Big up!!!


The battery life is something else...

I felt like I am staring at the fuel gauge of a SUV. It was just filled up at the gas station this morning. Why it's almost empty now!!!???? I read on the internet that so many functions drained power: 3G, Wi-Fi, Push email, GPS locator, brightness, EQ, Texas Hold'em, etc. Numerous suggestions to turn these off to save battery life. After I turned these off, honestly, why do I need this version of iPhone then? My old one can simply sitting there for two days and still got juice. I included a pic of the screen to show you that the phone was fully charged in the morning, I went out for brunch with friends, showed off a bit, answered a few emails, texted to many, no phone calls though, And this is how much left at not even 2pm.

I am taking my old phone back to Apple to get it fixed then will switch back to my old one.

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lol im glad i didnt give in... now we know why they were selling for so cheap...
over 15 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Thanks for the honest review. I wonder if your's has a defective battery? I don't care how much you are doing with your phone, it should hold a charge for more than 4 hours.
over 15 years ago
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wow, that bad? i've always turned my brightness down and disabled wifi & bluetooth to save battery life on my sony... so i guess it won't bother me.
over 15 years ago
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It's a brand new phone. My friend ordered one thru AT&T and also got one from Apple store. Her phone battery is equally bad. There are many user reports experienced the similar battery life. I purposely run the phone to the ground to drain out the battery before rechargeing. Hope it can refresh the battery memory. Same thing! Sucks!
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