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Meeting the Alivenotdead team :)

I was very very honored to visit the alive not dead office today, thanks to Missy K who was nice enough to take me there :)

Met the whole team, and they are so cool! Posters filled the walls, the amount they have accomplished in a year is massive and I have been convinced to watch the heavenly kings which began this now successful artist community. I found that admin bear is, contrary to what I think, a huge 5ft7 bear which I happen to have a exact replica of lying on top of my wardrobe at home... what a weird coincidence, we both won it at the AIA carnival some time ago... weird coincidences eh?

Anyway, had a great little afternoon followed by work (which is fun too) and now I am looking forward to crashing haha

Will reply the guestbook soon dear friends... I'm just so exhausted now hehe :)

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I'm always amazed at how tiny that office is - every time I go there it feels like I'm invading some scene from a university dorm room and it's finals week.
about 16 years ago
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hey, not the entire team! :-(
about 16 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Yeah .. both etchy and I were not there ... which is like the worst luck in the universe. I'm never getting sick again ... EVER.
about 16 years ago
Celina 22046615 1614778101877994 2904770034740622593 n
oops... i'll have to meet the rest of the team soon ;) hope you all had a great weekend :)
about 16 years ago


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