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微博 Weibo finally...

finally got myself on weibo :> follow me on www.weibo.com/candylohangyin Love Cx 

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I've got good news!!!!

I've got good news!!!!!

so after my post about internship and moving arrangement, I received a letter yesterday, saying that.... I've been offered a schorlaship!!!!!! It'll cover 2/3 of my last tuition!!!!! YEAH!!!

It'll be the second schorlaship offer in the past 2 months, unfortunately I could not accept the last one, which was for a psychodrama conference, cause the cost to travel to FL was just too much... BUT hopefully, and so far it looks like, this one is down, YEAH!!!!

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HK->Belgium->London->NH-> what's next???

Hi guys, like I said there are a lot of changing in the air.....

I guess i should start with..... I'll be done with all my course work in a week!!!!!!!! (provided I can get over this flu/allergy and do my papers)

so... that means... I'll have no more school and JUST internship for the next chapter of my life...

over the spring break, I went to interviewed for 3 places for internship. all hospital setting for children. and....... I GOT  ALL THREE OFFERS!!!!!! :P

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follow me on Twitter :>

Hi ! how's everyone doing? a lot of changes from my end, and will try to grab a chance to sit down and update you all here on AnD but for now... follow me on Twitter :>http://twitter.com/#!/CandyLoHangYinLove Cx 

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Dance Showcase Features Original Choreography - News & Events - Antioch University New England

48 mins ago

Candy Lo Hang Yin 盧幸賢

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On school's web site :>

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Candy Lo Hang Yin 盧幸賢

Candy Lo Hang Yin 盧幸賢featured a new track: talley folly by Candy...Read more

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demo of my first song!!!

Hey everyone , just added a rough demo of my own song, one of my first ever songs on AnD playlist!!!!  it's called ' I see a Heart' , check it out and let me know what you think :>  PS Thanks Ar Sze for the arrangement and help :>Love and peace missing you all Cx 

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my web site is on!!!!

Hey everyone!!! just wanna invite you all to visit my web sitehttp://www.candylo-hangyin.com, it is still kinda work in progress, so be sure let me know what you think!!! I'm going to keep using my AnD blog too, in fact I've linked it to my web site. but make sure you add me as a friend on facebook,http://www.facebook.com/candylo.hangyin  and join my fan page on facebook Read more

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Kung Hei Fat Choi

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!!!![](/attachments/2011/02/03/00/69762_201102030014321.thumb.jpg)courtesy to Kitz KwokCNY is one of my favorite festivals apart from Mid Autumn... hopefully will get to celebrate it at home with family soon... for all of you out there:wish you all a wonderful, healthy, adventurous year ahead!!!! 

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