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T-1 till show time

one more day to go until possibly my last show in LA. Tomorrow 5 Apr 730pm (I'll go on at 9pm) @ Balconi Coffee Company with Poel drop by if you can  11301 W. Olympic Blvd #124, Los Angeles, CA 90064https://www.facebook.com/events/161737853947012/Read more

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Impulsive jamming on the beach

Yesterday was a beautiful day  so instead of jamming in the studio, Polo and I decided to drive just a little further and head to the beach instead   WoooHoooooFun timeWhat more can one asks for??? Guess it's cool to be in LA  Read more

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Goodbye LA...????

So...16 Mar marked the last day of my internship at children's Hospital Los Angeles. Here is a card my dear co-workers at the Artist Program made me :>how cute  note the kids dancing around with their IV poles  On another note, finishing my internship at CHLA  marked the end of my study over here in the US. Af...Read more

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Congrats to the WORLD CHAMPION of balloon twisting

等我沾光先... Congrats to  Kenneth Ng for winning the world champion of balloon twisting.  佢係我師父嚟㗎, 不過我當然極未學滿師, In fact, 我毫無慧根 被逐出師門  Just kidding, Kenneth is soooo patient , he would never do that   I was reassigned back to the theatre . Anyhow.... Congrats man!!!!! WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!!![](/attachments/2012/03/25/00/69762_201203250041091.thumb.jpg)  on another note, thanks to...Read more

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NEW SINGLE, FIRST song ever written- I SEE A HEART

YAY!!!!!!! with lots of thanks and help  from  Abe Lau, Loli Lam, Tarr Siu @ Frenzi Music Studio, 亞史 and 大夫Here is  the first song I've ever written~I See a HeartI've just uploaded it on the media player on the right hand side of this page, have a listen and let me knowwhat you  think!!!

and...... in case you like what you hear, you can also purchase your very own download copy at Read more

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Getting a tat in Maui

Alright I know most of your guys already know , but just in case you missed it last time or you would like to watch a little video of how ' brave' I was  Here you go.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_FcbHKHmkU&list=UUx8ymwYM2Fe-MkQ3vbmMngQ&index=1&feature=plcp

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That's right, Seal was in da house!!!

Just got home from work at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Again for those who don't know, I'm there as a Dance/Movement Therapy Intern; I use movement to help kids and families to express themselves, work through trauma, provide pain management and increase motivation and compliance....  anyways, as part of my job, I also get to work with all these celebrities who come in and visit the kids and do fund raising projects..... .

Sooooooooo guess who was in da house today??? That's right ! y...Read more

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I've got Terence's EP, What about you???

YEAH!!!! I finally got T's new EP!!!!! The song Transparent is.......wowwwwww ..."我不愛你...我不愛你...我不愛你..." also am loving ' Is this all we know " and ' Please break me down"GO T!!!!

PS. Thanks to the Alivenotde...Read more

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Guess I can no longer introduce myself as -Candy Lo, The one with no tattoo huh ? :P

Aloha!!!! just got back from a friend's wedding in Maui, Hawaii. It was BEAUTIFUL and sweet, a very touching wedding indeed. It was certainly nice to reunite with my friends from all over the world, most of them, that I've known for 10 years. We all flew in from different parts of the world; Toronto, Seattle, Hong Kong, LA... Read more

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Working with Maksim Chmerkovskiy from Dancing with the Stars

http://thedishmaster.com/2011/11/maksim-chmerkovskiy-delivers-toys-to-childrens-hospital-los-angeles.html Maksim Chmerkovskiy Delivers Toys to Los Angeles Children’s HospitalThe Dishmaster  November 19, 2011  General  Read more

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