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Candy Hang Yin Lo
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About Candy Hang Yin Lo

Born and raised in Hong Kong, lived in Belgium, London and United States. Graduated from the London University of Arts (London Studio Centre) with a BA in Musical Theatre and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), School of Drama with a Diploma. She is currently a certified Child Life Specialist and holds a MA in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling, she is also a Drama Therapy student.

盧幸賢,土生土長香港人, 但家在香港,比利時,倫敦及美國,簡稱四海為家。自14歲發表第一個自編/導/演舞蹈劇場後,一直泥足深陷。 畢業於倫敦藝術大學 (London Studio Centre) 音樂劇舞系及香港演藝學院戲劇學院。 前香港迪士尼樂園歌唱員。現為www.alivenotdead.com官方藝術家,認可兒童醫療治療師及舞蹈/形體治療碩士。官方網頁

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Languages Spoken English,Cantonese,Dutch,Mandarin
Location United States
Gender Female
English Name Candy Lo Hang-Yin
Traditional Chinese Name 盧幸賢
Simplified Chinese Name 卢幸贤
Member Since March 26, 2008
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March 26, 2008