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I guess you're right

I guess you're right; it is a natural response.  Here's Johnny Grant and Mamie Van Doren.  Busted part deux.

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As I said before: "Oh I would do exactly the same! ^^" I add to this, the following inconvenient true: "The older you go: the more slobbery you become" Jorge dixit
almost 11 years ago
Considering Johnny Grant was all of 8 years Mamie Van Doren's senior, I suppose one could pose a counterargument about how some women never outgrow one (two?)-dimensional self-presentations. But I grant you, that is (those are?) what she's famous for. And they do kind of fall under the category of inescapably stare-worthy given their "LOOK AT US" presentation (and medical history, no doubt). Having said that, show me a photo of an old man staring at a young woman's navel and I'll show you my future.It will be a sad day for me if/when I outgrow that particular fascination.
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Don't worry Candace. I'm sure we'll all try our utmost to behave when taking a picture with you... now that you've posted these gotcha pics that is. haha
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Well this guy is just a dirty old man.
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