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Guess Who Stopped By The Viva Glam Magazine Offices This Week?

King of Queens Leah Rimini and Cheryl Burke from Dancing With the Stars of course!

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The Love Addict Film

Hi everyone, well I'm getting used to the new look of this site!  Just finished a romantic comedy from Australia, The Love Addict. I'm trying to upload images now, but still learning how to maneuver through my new page!  So bear with me, thanks!

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Blu Hole Tees

Another great day at the Bench Warmer Penthouse! A special thanks to Clint at Blue Hole Tees for my favorite, casual tee!

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Children of the Night/ Bench Warmer Event

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Another day in Belize

Good morning everyone, another terrific day at Belize Ocean Club, a special thanks to Wolf, James and Ben!

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Rum Fish

A special thanks to Rumfish in Placencia, Belize for an amazing dinner and wonderful conversation, company and atmosphere!

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Belize Ocean Beach Club

So much fun at the Belize Ocean Beach Club in Placencia, Belize!  A special thanks to Wolf Worster and James Thornett!

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Belize Begins!

Good morning everyone!  Here, we are beginning our trip to Belize! We are traveling from Belize City to a small island, P...Read more

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Good morning everyone, here is an image from a shoot yesterday. Today, I'm off to Belize to shoot with which Victoria's Secret Supermodel?

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Actors Reporter

Good afternoon everyone, today I went on The Actor's Reporter to talk about the entertainment industry and how to treat i...Read more

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Dear Friends and Fans, Welcome to my Alive Not Dead page. I’m interested in your feedback so please feel free to submit suggestions on how to make this page


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August 23, 2009

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