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Baywatch 2010

Good evening everyone, here are some pics from today's shoot.  We're still on the beach and it is still chilly.  But I spent most of the day running so it actually felt a bit warmer!  The first pic is a scene where my co-star and I save a drowning man in the ocean. ( I wonder what that orange thing is they are having me carry?)   And the second is us waiting between takes on the ATV that drives us from base camp to the set each day. 

The papparazzi have been out and apparently they think we are filming a new Baywatch series:


Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel....



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the fools! can't they tell Hasselhof must be there for it to be considered Bay Watch?!?
almost 11 years ago
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also someone needs to explain to them what a 'bikini' is. :-P
almost 11 years ago
wow, saving some lives there =P
almost 11 years ago
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The orange thing is a buoy, helps when the lifeguard saves someone from drowning. Hope it gets warmer if you're still filming.
almost 11 years ago


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