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The Dark Knight Rises

Go watch it as soon as you can! I'm not a fanboy, so I won't say it's the best film in the whole World.But, if you're even interested at all with Batman or enjoy a good action film with some meaning, then go to your nearest cinema, get your ticket and be taken on a ride through Gotham for nearly 3 hours!I saw it last night with Michelle and even she praised it  Read more

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Sevil & Hus | Wedding Engagement Video Trailer Sydney

Sevil & Hus Super Epic Wedding Engagement Video Trailer SydneySevil, our bride-to-be tops our list of best wedding engagement party planner ever! As you will see from the video, their engagement party was massive and we loved it!  They shared their engagement celebrations with over 600 of their family and friends. We've had many people ask if this wedding engagement video was in fact a wedding reception - well it is not, the wedding isn't till December and we are expecting big things from ...Read more

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Mandy & Oat | Pre Wedding Video Sydney

Mandy and Oat's Pre Wedding Video SydneyThis is a tale of a photographer and a model falling in love. Classic!Mandy & Oat approached us after watching a few of our other couple’s pre wedding love story films and wanted their own. But being based in Port Fairy, Victoria, we had to create their concept and story over phone and email.This creation process was a breeze as Mandy’s profession as an effects make up artist meant she’s been exposed to the film making process and Oat is a professional photographer mea...Read more

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Mina & Thai | Relive the Day SDE Wedding Video Trailer Sydney

Mina and Thai's Relive the Day Same Day Edit Wedding Video Trailer shot in SydneyLove Across Borders London, UK + Sydney, AustraliaMina met Thai when she was in the UK and has actually gotten married there earlier in the year but wanted to celebrate with all their families and friends in Australia as well as to hold a traditional vietnamese wedding tea ceremony.As you can tell from the wedding video, Mina is a hands on bride, opting to hand make the bridal flowers, pompoms, photo decoratio...Read more

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Anna & Tony | Relive the Day Same Day Edit Wedding Video Trailer Sydney

Anna & Tony's Relive the Day Same Day Edit Wedding Video Trailer SydneyThis is a very memorable wedding for us. It is a first time that we encountered fireworks being lit at reception, YES! You heard us right fireworks. Anna and Tony danced to their bridal waltz accompanied by a brilliant display of fireworks on the dance floor. It was amazing!Anna & Tony met us at Rachel & Jihan’s Wedding earlier in 2011. Af...Read more

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Carol & David | Cinematic Wedding Video Sydney

Carol & David's Cinematic Wedding Video Trailer shot in SydneyWe are so thrilled to be able to capture Carol and David's special day. Their wedding was very intimate and sweet. We decided to center the wedding video trailer around their vows which were very romantic and yes, many tears were shed.Hope you enjoy this wedding video!http://vimeo.com/33143804Until next time, Bernard & MichelleVisit us at: Read more

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Official Artist on Alive not Dead

I've been on Alive not Dead for a while and now I finally have an Official Artist profile. Yippie! I might not be anyone you know now, but hopefully in a few years that would be a different story and you'll be enjoying the films I make.I'm currently telling some wonderful true romance stories with my Wedding film business in Sydney, check out my work at  http://www.bernardlau.com.au or read up on how we film at  Read more

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Lan & Michael | Cinematic Wedding Video Relive the Day Same Day Edit and Reception Reactions Sydney

Bernard Lau Films Cinematic Wedding Video SydneyBehold our first Pre-Wedding + Relive the Day same day edit! This project is truly made of tears, tears and more tears, hope you enjoy our cinematic wedding video which is also premiered at Lan and Michael's reception. We of course shot the epic reception reactions of the guests and the bridal party as they were watching the wedding video. We'd recommend that you have a tissue box at hand - just in ca...Read more

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Maraleen & Van | Sydney Cinematic Wedding Video

Bernard Lau Film - Cinematic Wedding Video SydneyMeet Maraleen and Van, one of the sweetest couples we've ever met. 

It is love at first sight, or should we say love at first laugh for Van. Who fell intently in love with Maraleen when she laughed at his jokes when they first met.

As a surprise for his bride, Van, the doting husband-to-be decorated the newly-wed bedroom. On the bookshelf, there were photos beautifully fastened on with adorable miniature pegs on a clothing line. On the bed...Read more

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Rachel & Jihan | Cinematic Wedding Video Reaction to Relive the Day Same Day Edit

Bernard Lau Films - Cinematic Wedding Videos SydneyWhen there is a Relive the Day Cinematic Wedding Video there is the reaction video to follow not long after.We present to you the reaction video for Rachel and Jihan Wedding Video.Visit us at: http://www.bernardlau.com.au Read our blog: http://weddingvideosydney.org.au Like us on Facebook: Read more

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