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May Weddings

Yesterday, I would say was one of the smoothest Weddings I have filmed. It is a great testament to how well organised the bride and groom, Thao and John, planned their day. We were running a bit late in the morning, but as the day went by, things started to catch up and even in the reception, things were running ahead of schedule :-)

There were many romantic and funny moments of the day and there were so ...Read more

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Adobe CS5 and StreetFighter!

The latest news in the world of DSLR filming is Adobe has recently released Creative Suite 5. With all new features for every program, the most talked about feature in the film universe is Premiere Pro’s ability to edit H.264 files natively.

adobe-cs5-masterBusting Final Cut Studio’s balls.

What does this mean? It means us Canon SLR users can pull footage off our memory cards and ed...Read more

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Vincent and Lisa Prewedding – Their Story

The past few weeks have been HECTIC.

Work has been crazy busy with the Heritage Festival… running an awards night and the lead up to the awards is hard work and very time consuming.

Heritage Awards 2010 Logo

Some say, this is as prestigous as the Oscars…

Then within the s...Read more

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Canon 3D

With Avatar making all the waves in 3D, how can Canon let Panasonic be the only one with a 3D camera.

Now you can shoot like James Cameron!

In their line of professional grade DSLRs, Canon has just announced the Canon 3D. Which… shoots in 3D HD. Full specs haven’t been given out yet, but from the looks of it, it should be 1.5x wider than the 5D/7D.

It’s a pity that it’s a dual lens sy...Read more

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Aussie Film Plug: Six Lovers

Stumbled upon an Indie feature film being shot in Melbourne called Six Lovers.

Aussie Indie Film: Six Lovers

From the film’s website, the synopsis is:

Nathan loves Lucia, who is having an affair with Lorenzo, who is seeing Tom, who has a relationship with Walte...Read more

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SilverKottage has been Touched

Now you can touch my site.

Found out a nifty plugin for Wordpress accounts called WPtouch. It converts your Wordpress powered site into a smartphone friendly theme format that mimics the Apple Apps...Read more

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New Link – Shane Hurlbut’s Blog

I stumbled upon Shane Hurlbut’s blogwhen I was on DSLRShooter as they wrote an article about his insights in HDDSLR technology.

504x_504x_5d_helmet_01Shane’s other hobbies are to make gadgets, such as the Canon 5D helmet.

Going to Shane’s website, it was a plethora of information and advice on how HDDSLR can and shoul...Read more

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Wedding Film Update

Haven’t had a chance to post up some wedding films that I shot with Paper Cranes last year, so here they are.

We’re flat out at the moment, well mostly Santo and Dewi, since they got married in December 2009 so there haven’t been much trailers up…

But here are some that are. Enjoy :-D

Kelvin and Tania Cinematic Wedding Trailer (Same Day Edit)

We were given a...Read more

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Extreme Shooting

To really push a shoot to the extreme, try not eating or drinking for 24 hours and then film an event at the beach. Make sure that the event is running 30 mins late and you have to stand in the hot sand for that whole time.

Zappa zappa zappa!

Good thing I sat down before I had to shoot, or else ...Read more

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SilverKottage Tip: Converting Quicktime mov files to WMV

A couple of days ago, a client of mine asked me to make a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation for them that would play videos that I have edited.

Steve Jobs does not use this… but everyone else does.

Using a Mac, my workflow was edit in Final Cut Pro and out put as the project’s setting. Then recode it to H.264 in MPEG Streamclip for playing.

Read more

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