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Sevil & Hus | Wedding Engagement Video Trailer Sydney

Sevil & Hus Super Epic Wedding Engagement Video Trailer SydneySevil, our bride-to-be tops our list of best wedding engagement party planner ever! As you will see from the video, their engagement party was massive and we loved it!  They shared their engagement celebrations with over 600 of their family and friends. We've had many people ask if this wedding engagement video was in fact a wedding reception - well it is not, the wedding isn't till December and we are expecting big things from our party planning magician bride-to-be. W e are pretty sure their Wedding will be spectacular!The night was a beautiful showcase of Turkish culture and tradition. Sevil and Hus made sure that they incorporated Turkish wedding engagement traditions at the party which included a ring ceremony, Taki (when jewellery and money is given to the bride and groom to be) and also a Harmandali performance by the engaged couple. The Harmandali is a traditional dance that tells the story of a boy courting a girl. On the night, we got to capture Hus and Sevil practicing their dance in the bridal room and watch their performance later that night. The dance showcased the chemistry they had with one another and their natural talent towards dance. And we weren’t the only ones captivated by their dance as Sevil and Hus received a standing ovation from the ecstatic crowd.The engagement party culminated into a night of celebration of traditional Turkish music and dancing. Congratulations to Sevil and Hus once again and we cannot wait to be part of their spectacular wedding later this year.Hope you enjoy this super fun wedding engagement video!http://vimeo.com/37103089Until next time, Bernard & MichelleVisit us at: bernardlau.com.au Read our blog: weddingvideosydney.org.au Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/BernardLauFilms Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/​#!/​bernardlaufilmsWedding Engagement Video:  Bernard Lau Films Photography: Will Spiers

Reception: Grand Paradiso

Musicians: Group Gelisim

Dancers: Sydney Turkish Folkdance Ensemble

Soundtrack: Art of Love by Guy Sebastian feat. Jordan Sparks

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