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Mother’s Crepe Sydney – Opening

Last month, Lili, a friend of mine had her store opening.

Called Mother’s Crepe, it’s a Japanese franchise that she’s brought over to Sydney and possibly, the rest of Australia.

Here are some photos of the opening day.

I should’ve took a photo of my yummy crepe that I got… but I was too busy stuffing myself.

If you’re in Sydney and around the city, Mother’s Crepe is at World Square, Level LG, Shop 9.Visit us at: Read more

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Cassie & Ben Wedding – Filmed with Filmpro Studios

Last weekend, I helped Matthew Fox, from Filmpro Studios with his wedding shoot of Cassie and Ben. I didn’t have to help him film the Wedding until the Ceremony and Reception at beautiful Tumbling Waters Retreat.

Cassie and Ben are one of the most romantic couples I’ve met, they went to the same high school together, but it wasn’t until after highschool that Ben finally too...Read more

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Laura & Karune Cinematic Wedding Video Trailer Sydney

The first time I met Laura and Karune was on their Wedding day and instantly, I can see how much they were in love with each other.

They shared many tears and smiles throughout the day and had a very emotional ceremony at St Thomas’ Church in North Sydney. Rev. Richard James is into his videography also, shooting the entire ceremony on his iPhone!

Laura is a graphic designer and she designed all the print material, church program, table information and name cards… even I had one! Read more

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Amelia & Ryan Wedding Video Trailer Sydney

When my dad emailed me that my cousin Amelia was going to get married and that we’re going to make the trip to Brisbane, I thought to myself, what gift can I give to her. I haven’t seen Amelia for over 10 years and I haven’t even met Ryan.

Then the light bulb shone, why not see what I can pull off with the skills I’ve learnt from Santo and the awesome team at Papercranes and attending Exposed Down Under.

I hope you enjoy the trailer to your Wedding, Amelia and Ryan. Oh and Ryan, welcome to the La...Read more

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New Friend Links & trailer plug

Just thought I’d make a shout out to two other blogs that’s living in the world wide web. Their links are on the right, but I’ll also write a bit about them below.

Christian – [http://www.christiantandberg.com/

I](http://www.christiantandberg.com/) met Christian back in my SCA days. We were in the same SFX class. He’s back in Norway rig...Read more

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My first Commercial!

Being one of our media sponsors, Channel 9 offered Willoughby Council air time to show an add for the Spring Festival.

I was given a few days to come up with the concept while the PR dept. wrote the scrīpt.

Here it is:

I’m pretty happy with it, considering I had to use old footage from previous years, some of which I didn’t shoot and was on lower quality HD cameras. And the fact that my laptop is getting pretty old now, I think it’s got arthritis or something!

Audio track was from Read more

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Dressage NSW Young Rider

On Sunday 18th July 2010, I was at the Brighton Saddleworld Dressage NSW Young Rider Championships 2010.

There, I filmed some young riders in the Preliminary Horse 1C and 1D at Arena 1A and 1B, Sponsored by the McCarroll Group.

Below is a shortened sample of what I filmed.

On the day, I managed to film the following riders and their horse:

Preliminary Horse 1C

*Grace Kay & Karingal Jamirquai

*Kate Howard & Mr Celebrity

*Katrina Me...Read more

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Sydney – City of Lights

I haven’t placed up original content in a long time, so here is one. It’s also my first ever timelapse film.

During May and June, Sydney takes Paris’ title of City of Lights. This is the Vivid Festival, a festival of lights, sound and art.

The light installation are projected onto iconic buildings on Macquarie St and then the Sydney Opera House.

Something I’ve learnt when doing this timelapse is that:

*Timelapse takes long… if you invite friends along, make sure they have something to do, or else they’l...Read more

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Another Sweet Fan Film

Another fan film has emerged on the internet and it’s also a reimagining of a fighting game that’s already been made.

This time, it’s Mortal Kombat. But unlike the Street Fighter fan films that I posted a few weeks ago, this is not a fight demo, but more of a prologue to a feature film.

Directed by Kevin Tancharoen and written by Oren Uziel, the rumour is that these two have approached Wa...Read more

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Patrick Boivin does it again!

It seems that whenever Patrick Boivin puts up a new vid on youtube, it’s going to be something sweet.

I think the first time I stumbled upon his youtube channel was when he had the Street Fighter game, which I blogged about a long while ago.

Over time, he’s come up with other cool stop motion clips, Iron Man vs Bruce Lee is a hit, but I thought Bumblebee vs General Lee was cooler.

Well, here is his latest creation and this time, it’s in CGI!

Iron Baby, pretty cool eh?!

Time and effort pays...Read more

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