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Rachel & Jihan | Cinematic Wedding Video | Relive the Day Same Day Edit

Bernard Lau FIlms - Cinematic Wedding Videos SydneyBehold our very first 'Relive the Day' (aka same day edit/SDE). I've not had such an epic high and nerves at the same time since that Disneyland Theme Park ride in Orlando, Florida. The type of amusement park ride that puts my fear of heights to the test and throws you into a free fall. It was raining all day on Saturday, everyone was wet but the rain did nothing to dampen the spirits of everybody at the Wedding. In fact,...Read more

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Anne & Viet | Cinematic Wedding Video Trailer Melbourne

Bernard Lau Films 2011 - Cinematic Wedding Video SydneyAnne & Viet are a very special couple for us as they're our first Wedding of 2011 and also our first Wedding in Melbourne, the artistic capital of Australia. Anne contacted us early in 2010, so she's also one of our very first brides to book us. Throughout the months, we've been exchanging emails, sms and phone calls and we didn't get to meet each other until the day before their Wedding when we arrived. Their kind hospitalit...Read more

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Cherryl & Alan | Cinematic Wedding Video Trailer

Bernard Lau Films - Cinematic Wedding Video Syndey

Cherryl and Alan's journey has come to the end of a chapter and celebrating the beginning of the next. 


Having known both of them since they first met on the shores of the Statue of Liberty, it was a pleasure to film their fairytale Wedding. I know, that term is used a lot now because of the Royal Wedding but I feel that their chan...Read more

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Cherryl & Alan | Pre Wedding Video | Love Story

Bernard Lau Films - Cinematic Wedding Video Sydney

Our Pre Wedding Video for Cherryl and Alan

Not many Wedding Filmmakers can say that they were there from the beginning of their couple's relationship, so I'm so happy that I met Cherryl and Alan when they first met.


Well, you'll just have to watch their Pre-Wedding Love Story to find out.

Cherryl and Alan wanted to tell their story to their guests through an interview style film so ...Read more

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Lily & King | Cinematic Wedding Video Trailer

Bernard Lau Films - Cinematic Wedding Video Sydney

Things get better with age sure applies to Lily and King.

These 2 high school sweethearts have been together for 10 years now and their love for each other seems as sweet as when they would've first met.

They contacted us through Lily's maid of honour, Maggie, a friend of ours and we got to meet them over a few glasses of lattes. We got to know them better and they knew what they wanted for their wedding video.

When we ...Read more

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Genevieve & Ray | Cinematic Wedding Video Trailer Sydney

Vintage 2012 Bernard Lau FilmsCategory: Wedding Videos in Sydney.Scary how time flies, in the blink of an eye, I would have been in the Wedding Video Industry for 3 years ala the fast approaching 2012. It doesn't help that we're flogged with 2012 bookings now. The side effect: I write dates down as 2012 as supposed to 2011 for meetings now. I'll post all my wedding videos that we've shot this year later on. But first let's take a step back in time.Gen & Ray are such a cute a...Read more

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Go Karting miniaturely and timely

Two weeks ago, I went to Eastern Creek to film and photograph some of my friends Go Karting. They did ask me to race as well, but I couldn’t take up this chance of playing with my camera and… well, AUD$160 for 3 sessions is quite steep!

Eastern Creek is far out west in Sydney… and for me, it’s like going to a different country… out west is very different. If you ever go, remember to bring a baseball bat! I remember a few years ago, after a paintball session, my group of friends and I hanged out at a carpark and we we...Read more

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Tiara & Nelson | Cinematic Wedding Video Trailer Sydney

Vintage 2010 Bernard Lau FilmsCategory: Wedding VIdeos SydneyTiara & Nelson had their Wedding in beautiful Berry, two hours south of Sydney and then had their reception in a lovely estate full of green paddocks and cows grazing! The attention to detail of both of them were amazing and I hope you get to experience all the tiny touches that they gave to their guests to make it such a memorable experience.

With their closest family and friends all there, everyone had a great time and danced...Read more

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Movie Review – Tron Legacy


A few weeks ago, I had the chance to go watch Tron Legacy in 3D with Charlie from AussieAsians blog.

The film was quite enjoyable and I actually watched the 1982 Tron prior to prep myself for this sequel… a sequel set 27 years later! You don’t really have to watch the first film, but it would definitely ...Read more

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Happy New Year! Welcome 2011

Happy 2011 everyone!

So, what’s your New Year’s Resolution?

I guess mine is pretty straight forward… make more films!

For the past few months, I’ve been meeting some pretty talented people, actors, dancers, musicians and other filmmakers. I’m hoping to collaborate with them more this year and produce some art.

I spent New Years Eve with some friends of mine at The Rocks area.

I decided to make a timelapse film of the day and here it is:

Locations were The Rocks, Observatory Hill and...Read more

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