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《詠春小龍》Pics from Wing Chun Siu Long shoot

Ok, I've been a bit slow, but here are some of the pics from November's shoot of Wing Chun Siu Long 《詠春小龍》. The temperature dropped down to about 6 degrees in the evenings, catching us all off guard. I don't remember it ever getting that cold in these parts during November. And I want to thank AnD members JuJu Chanand Alfred Hsingfor their involvement in the project. They were a great help in keeping the work fun throughout... oh, and they did actually work in it, especially Alfred who fight choreographed, camera operated, acted and played my political pawn. Thanks man! I know you got more than you bargained for :p

It was nice working with Wing Chun Grand Master Joseph Zhang 鄭忠大師 (on my right with the hat - totally looked the part playing himself).

Our 12 year old star, Wong Siu Long, took some gentle persuasion for this scene where he gets beaten up by someone twice his age and size.


And here are the two opposites (bottom left) who Xiao Long had to fight. Kyle Shapiro in the white tank top, and Alberto Bossum having his manly lipstick applied.


We were the main tourist attraction while shooting at the Nanhai CCTV film studios.


And here are the troops watching the microwave (I had to explain that box of Glad Wrap). 

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Thanks Antony. It was great meeting Zhang Sifu and learning Wing Chun from him too ^^
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