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My new stunt coordinator alias: "Anyony Szeto"! LOL At least they got my Chinese name right. ... Finally did what I should've done years ago, and joined the Hong Kong Stuntman's Association. Honoured to be part of a group who were such pioneers in the action film genre. And an unwritten right of passage for any Hong Kong action film director. The geek in me is also pretty pleased about my membership number. :D

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Prince Edward Road can have its moments.

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Further development chat with Tony Cheng. Getting ready for our Sydney trip.

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So Yau Ming's in HK. Just walked past him at the restaurant and guessing that's how he saw me (I need a longer selfie arm to really get the feel). LOL

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My first Malibu experience, yesterday... not at the beach, but wine tasting up in the hills.

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Mayonnaise on peanut butter is sooo good!

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The calm before the storm?

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And....this just happened.

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Definitely a better high tea here than at the Peninsula Hong Kong. And no crowds!

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Straws are for girls. Spicy, all you can drink, Bloody Marys, glass no. 1! It's a great start to a weekend.

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