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《詠春小龍》Pics from Wing Chun Siu Long shoot

Ok, I've been a bit slow, but here are some of the pics from November's shoot of Wing Chun Siu Long 《詠春小龍》. The temperature dropped down to about 6 degrees in the evenings, catching us all off guard. I don't remember it ever getting that cold in these parts during November. And I want to thank AnD members JuJu Chanand Alfred Hsingfor their involvement in the project. They were a great help in keeping the work fun throughout... oh, and they did actually work in it, especially Alfred who fight choreographed, camera operated, acted and played my political pawn. Thanks man! I know you got more than you bargained for :p

It was nice working with Wing Chun Grand Master Joseph Zhang 鄭忠大師 (on my right with the hat - totally looked the part playing himself).

Our 12 year old star, Wong Siu Long, took some gentle persuasion for this scene where he gets beaten up by someone twice his age and size.


And here are the two opposites (bottom left) who Xiao Long had to fight. Kyle Shapiro in the white tank top, and Alberto Bossum having his manly lipstick applied.


We were the main tourist attraction while shooting at the Nanhai CCTV film studios.


And here are the troops watching the microwave (I had to explain that box of Glad Wrap). 

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Resting Up before the final dash

3am now at the Studio and resting up between takes. After 6 weeks it's finally the last day of shoot tomorrow!!!:D

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A new music video is born

Video: Once again, JuJu Chan has decided to put her fate in my hands by directing her latest music video, 好勝.

Hope you all like :)

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How to beat your High Score in Filming

Well, 2 and a half days of shooting later (that's 12 hour days) and I just called a wrap. This is for JuJu Chan's second MV collaboration with me. I guess she actually liked the last one I did, so here we are again.On the first shoot day we worked with Oscar Chan, a familiar face from TVB Jade. I only had one day to shoot him in, and we had a lot of shots. Because of that I did a thorough prepro the day before for all of his shots. I had an ambitious target of 45 shots to be done on that day, and they included many tracking shots, indoor and out door,  and some complex green screen coordination. To be honest I didn't think that we'd get them all, so I had them sorted into priority.Anyway, my ADs did a great job of listing the shots so I could get as much in on one set up as possible before moving on. The result is that we were making such good time I even added some new shots that I was inspired into doing. We started shooting at 7:45 am, and at exactly 7:45pm I called it a wrap for the day. The score ... 60 shots completed!!! That's a new record for me by like 15 shots.With so many shots one would expect that I was run off my feet, but in fact it was one of the most relaxing shoots that I have ever worked on as a director. My ADs ran the whole set so smoothly that I hardly had to speak to my crew at all during the shoot. Instead, on that day my time was all for the talent. Never underestimate the importance of good and thorough pre-production!Thank you to my crew at ACE Studios, and especially my assistant directors, who helped to make this so much fun for me. Level up![](/attachments/2011/09/08/15/65986_201109081522371.thumb.jpg)Me, JuJu (the blur in the middle of the shot) and the crew one hour before final wrap.

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Get out of Australia!

My talk last year in Sydney on action film making... thanks Maria!...(That's the hot chick next to me making me look bad).  Video:

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JuJu's MV - now live!

Video: And here's JuJu's Music Video which I directed.

Hope you all enjoy it :) 

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$$$ to play with :D

The week long shoot of JuJu Chan's latest music video rapped the China location yesterday and now we begin the arduous task of editing and adding visual effects. Hopefully it should all be completed by early June. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

I have to say that despite the deluge we had to constantly shoot between, and JuJu’s loosing battle against the hoards of mosquitoes (I had to try shooting close ups without seeing the mosquito bites on her face) I had a lot of fun directing this.

Being my first music video for quite some time (and having a lot of resources to play with) I had the whole thing shot in the studio lot. But as most of the scenes were outdoor sets, so we really couldn’t avoid what Mother Nature decided to throw at us…weather being the biggest obstacle. Ask any DP and they can tell you the frustration of sunshine breaking through clouds every so often, after spending A LOT of time getting the lighting just right for an overcast day.

After working on feature films, shooting a music video like this was very satisfying as it allowed me the luxury of perfecting the visual elements. The trouble with low to medium budgeted feature films is that you have to make resource allocation decisions which nearly always mean that you’re not fully satisfied with the end results. But the project gave me a lot to play with. Really can’t wait to see what we can put together in post.

Stay tuned to see the MV!

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Sunday, Silly Sunday

I don’t consider myself a director of comedy, let alone a comedic actor… so when JuJu Chan suggested that I try both I thought it was she who was the comedian. Anyway, it took all the charm of JuJu to get me to wake up at the ungodly hour of 6am to meet her at Happy Valley last Sunday. And here’s the results... see what y’all think of our one day’s work in cheesiness, silliness, and complete over the top "acting" (for want of a better word to describe what I did in front of camera). But to clarify, all the good stuff is to JuJu's credit, and anything that sucked was completely my fault.Video:

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the irony of film makers

We’re a useless bunch of people, making useless things that many people want, and many people wish that they could be a part of. We have demand on our side… but it’s all artificial. Like the stories we tell.

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New Concept - Vela 734

Video: Well, been working on a new film concept with my CGI team and here's the result. Tell me what you all think... good and bad.

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