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Fundraising for JAPAN LOVE PROJECT ♥

Couple days ago, I found out that  BC Japan Earthquake Relief Fund and their project JAPAN LOVE was organizing a fundraising street event. I sent them an email to volunteer ASAP! It was getting really frustrating watching all the news and images from Japan and not being able to help. This is a 8/9.0 magnitude earthquake followed with a tsunami AND radiation threats! This is huge, and so disturbing. So I am so happy I made the step to helping out. I hope it makes its way to the families, animals, and all those affected by the disaster!

All the volunteers gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery for a short orientation. I think there were around 40...50 of us?!  It was the maximum number of fundraisers allowed legally to roam the streets! So there was actually an overwhelming number of people who signed up to help  


Above is my team & I for JAPAN LOVE!!! Amazing people with great spirit and energy. Thank you Vancouver for giving so generously lastnight!  I hope people will continue to support and the people in Japan to stay strong! I am currently helping to organize a relief show which will feature some of Vancouver's most talented dancers! If anyone is in the area who is interested in performing or attending please give me a shout!

Much Love,


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great job!
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Hi! Thanks to the AnD community for the overwhelming support via comments, msgs, etc. etc. I read each one, and appreciate your time :)

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