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Vancouver 2010

I'm very bad at keeping my blog updated...but I feel that I must talk about the Olympics, just doesn't feel right if I didn't (even if it's super belated!).

So basically our city was completely transformed. Suddenly, Canadian car flags were on every other car..people were happier...there was just this energy and buzz all around town. It was pretty amazing. I've never seen anything quite like it. Strangers would watch the games together in the malls where there were TVs, streets were packed like HK, and every store window was decked out in some kind of Olympic spirit. Roads were blocked off, and there was hardly any parking in downtown..and it was really quite nice actually.

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sounds nice. i guess China was somewhat like this during the 08 games, although i didn't get a chance to go to Beijing to see it first hand. :-P but i watched almost ZERO winter olympics this time. doh.
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