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As I prepare to embark on the next leg of this journey back to my kids and Singapore, it's a good time to remind myself of the words of ALLA-diN 😉... "Having 2 ears and one tongue means we should listen twice as much as we speak." Nice to remember when I hear I have a habit of blabbin too much...😀 #Dubai #TARC #theamazingracechina #donthearbutlisten #magiccarpet

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One more glorious Greek sunrise to enjoy before it's time to start making my way back out to the Far East. It's been a blast coming to Greece for my maiden voyage and hope to return again one day again. The people are so kind and helpful, and the weather along with the food are amazing! Thanks for a WU-nderfull time. Now it's time to prep my butt to take four connecting flights outta here! 😯😯 #PhotoGrid #Santorini #Greece #TARC #theamazingracechina

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@Potomacstud Thanks. Will definitely try!

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@xtcharles @FitforFashionTV Honestly haven't heard much about it...

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When it rains, it pours. Our local driver told us it rarely rains in Santorini. But of course, it's raining all day long today as I'm getting soaked thru my threads waiting for these teams to find their way. As much as I'm not a huge fan of freezing in soggy clothes, I hope it makes the show look better...and more "elemental" 😉

Santorini #Greece #TARC #theamazingracechina #soakedthru

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When in Greece, eat and drink as the Greeks do...and ya gotta have a Super "Gyro" 👍

PhotoGrid #Santorini #Greece #TARC #theamazingracechina

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Sorta soakin in the sun and famous black lava sand before the clouds (and teams) come storming in... #Perissa #PerissaBeach #Santorini #Greece #TARC #theamazingracechina #g2000sg #islandlife

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It's On like Donkey Kong! 🐎 This trip wouldn't be amazing if we didn't "ass" for some assistance in this race. 😀 #Santorini #Greece #TARC #theamazingracechina #g2000sg

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Good morning from Santorini! Looks like glorious day ahead of racing...and hopefully sightseeing!

Santorini #Greece #TARC

theamazingracechina #PhotoGrid

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Time to get that Race Face on! 😎 Arrived to cloudier and more overcast conditions than I had hoped but still pumped to turn this Greek island into a race course for the day! 💪✊ #Greece #Santorini #TARC #theamazingracechina #bestgigontheplanet

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