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"When the weight of the world is dragging ya down, just strap on more weight (such as 60 lbs here) so everything's lighter" 😉 Honestly, I've never been a big fan of pull ups cos they bring the hurt and burn, but the gains and results speak for themselves. And if you stay dedicated and consistent on them, you'll be blasting them away in no time. And WU might need to strap on more weight just cos your body weight ain't enough of a load for ya anymore! 👍 #IWILL #innerstrength #underarmourSG #UnderArmourSEA #TrueFitness #TrueFitnessSG #BringThePainItsYourGain #NoExcuses #StayStrong

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Good morning quote to my kids today: "If you don't like who (or what) is staring back at you in the mirror, then remember only you possess the power to change anything about that. So whatcha gonna do??" #IWILL #UnderArmourSEA #underarmourSG #TrueFitness #TrueFitnessSG #AlwaysTomorrowButOnlyOneToday

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Not a bad way to end the day perched outside enjoying this gorgeous somber sunset while watching some of the fastest kids in Singapore swim for their dreams... #Unfiltered #Unfettered #IWILL #Swimfast #SwimFastDontBeLast #GoForTheGold #SquareInstaPic

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@mclangan Whenever you be ready, My Man! See ya soon!

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Back in the gym again where if you don't strain, then good luck seeing any gain! Been working out for a few decades now but haven't been really consistent with lifting weights due to kids and work. This year, my goal is to hit it hard and hit it fast! 💪Well...sorta 😉 I like to do at least five sets of each exercise cos otherwise there really is no point. Two lighter sets to warm up the machinery before you explode with all you got! #IWILL #UnderArmourSEA #underarmourSG #TrueFitness #TrueFitnessSG #UAGemini #GoBeyondYourUsualPond ✊ #instashot #nocrop

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On those krazy days where ya feel like you've been chewed up, spit out, and thrown under a big moving bus, just remember there's a little bit of superhero in all of us...✊👊👍Spidey's got me back...literally! 😁 #IWILL #UnderArmourSEA #underarmourSG

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Talk about a Blast from the Mediacorp Past! Went to check out the latest and greatest athletic gear from #UNDERARMOURSG at Collyer Quay and randomly ran into Jeanette Aw @jeanetteaw_xuan. Haven't seen her in years so great to have a quick catch up as we shopped away! 😃✌Thanks again Wilfred and @nairda3 ✊👊 #underarmour #IWILL #UnderArmourSEA #UACollyerQuay #SquareInstaPic

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Enjoying some fun under the Sunday sun after the run and swim training are all done. Gotta love how these kids are still willing to heed the advice of this weekend warrior coach. #BelieveToAchieve #LeadByExample #HealthyLiving #IWILL #NoExcuses

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No better way to spend the Saturday with the relatively cooler weather. After taking Jonas out to do a track workout with 4x400 timed intervals to help him realize just how fast and hard he can go, it's time to reward him by joining the Big Sis for some ole skewl freeze tag playground fun. Kids these days don't get their sweat on enough so every little bit helps and also makes a difference to establish a solid and healthy foundation. #WorkItKid #KnowYourLimitWhichIsNoLimit #nolimits #IWILL @oakleysg #Oakley #oakleySG #StayYoungStayFit #PhotoGrid

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I WUZZ there! Time to mix things up and attempt to get some kulture at ArtStage Singapore #ArtStage #ArtStageSingapore #MarinaBaySands

MBS #PhotoGrid

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