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Imagine a town inhabited with almost all only women. Like hundreds of them. Actually, there's no need to imagine because this town is in Brazilian countryside and it's called Noiva Do Cordeiro. Can't wait to see what she's all about in this ep of #UniqueTowns #这个乡镇好奇特 #Brazil #NoivaDoCordeiro #itsatoughjobbutsomebodysgottadoit #testedtough

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After a thirty hour plus journey, it's nice to wake up to the sunny blue skies of Brazil in this small countryside village with a very unique aspect... 😉#UniqueTowns #这个乡镇好奇特 #Brazil #NoivaDoCordeiro

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Ready for your chance to race around the world, then there's no better than now to start thinking of the right partner and then you two need to work a your audition tape soon too! Good luck and give it all you've got!! #AXNAsia #AXNTARA #TheAmazingRaceAsia #TARA #YourTimeIsNow

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【小伙扶起被大爷遭其子扇7耳光】 我刚刚[弱]了这篇文章,小伙伴们你们怎么看?http://t.cn/R5AeYCN

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See you later, Asia (and Mister Bactroban!), it's now time to zip off on a thirty hour plus flight journey to the other side of the world. Wanna guess where I'm droppin into? #UniqueTowns #这个乡镇好独特 #百多邦 #Bactroban

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So happy to spend one final night with these two before it's time to take flight again tomorrow... #LittleTime #proudpapa #TooLittleTime #TheyGrowUpSoFast

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One of hardest things about constantly traveling is not having a set schedule to do the basics such as taking care of your physical being. So when a rare opportunity comes up to film in a gym, you know we gotta crank it up! #Bactroban #百多邦 #极速前进 #workhardplayhard

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Somehow a really thin version of me still was able to attend the media launch for the announcement of the return for The Amazing Race Asia 😜😉 #AXNTARA #TheAmazingRaceAsia #AXNAsia #TheWaitIsOver #BeAmazing

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