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Tho my facial expression may seemingly convey otherwise, I'm stoked to return to the Cali SoCal beaches to play some Peewee American football with these li'l peeps and then enjoy the soon-to-be stunning sunset 👍😎 There ain't much snow here in LA for the traditional snowy white Christmas, but this'll more than do as long as I'm with these two 😆 #SoCal #santamonica #IWILL

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@Shar316 Haha! Did you pick it right? ;-)

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Hey @HossanLeong Didn't know that was your brutha. So funny! I actually ran into quite a few Singaporeans there. So cool! Merry X-Mas! :-)

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"Make the World Your Gym...and Playground." ✊ Took the kids to the park today to run around and seized the opp to workout a bit. These combo modified pull ups are simply the best for working your arms and back in addition to blasting your abs. However, I must warn ya this movement ain't easy cos it requires strong core muscles. But if you don't give up and stick with it, you will eventually be able to do as many pull ups as the traditional method...or even more! On top of it, you can even start washing your laundry with your new found set of rock hard six pack abs! 👍 👊 😉 Note: Pint-sized sideshow dancing entertainment not included 😁😜 #IWILL #modifiedpullups #underarmourSG #underarmour #NoExcuses #workhardplayhard

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Delicious! Now...that's a Chicago style deep dish pizza here in LA! 😃 While I still think Zachary's Pizza back in the San Francisco East Bay Area is still better, this first opened Nancy's outlet in Cali from Chicago is only about 1.365467 miles away versus the usual five plus hours Interstate-5 drive so it'll more than make do! 😋 Guess we all do eventually become more practical (aka~lazy) over time! 😁😂😉 #nancyspizza #chicagodeepdish #zacharyspizza

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There can only be one...and tonight is the night where we all find out who the winner of the first ever Amazing Race China Celebrity Edition will be! If you happen to be in China and have Shenzhen TV, then find out at 9:08 PM. Yeah...I know...weird broadcast time. Maybe there's an eight mine time difference in China? 😜 You can also watch it all go down on Sohu TV! Good luck to all the remaining teams! 👍 #TARC #theamazingracechina #shenzhensatellite #shenzhenTV #china #infinity

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...and here's to some super size drinking from the giant stuffed Duff beer bottle they just won themselves! 😁😂 Open up and say "Agh! #@" 😃😄😉 #UniversalStudios #universalstudioshollywood #thesimpsons #thesimpsonsride #duffbeer

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So Sage recently visited the Universal Studios in Singapore and indicated it was a tad bit small. Ergo, I took it upon myself to show her and kid brother how the original one in Hollywood is more or less "super sized..." 😉 #UniversalStudios #universalstudioshollywood #Hollywood

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Welcome from a surprisingly rainy LA....but with a rainbow! #LA #hellowitharainbow

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We be going back to Cali! 😀 And these kids can hardly contain their excitement! Me? I just wanna get this long haul flight outta the way and then the jet lag. Have a good day and catch ya on the other side of the planet! #SunnySoCal #herewegoagain #california

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