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Engine Engine Number (Ninety) Nine...Daddy's all done and slowly transiting his way back out of… https://t.co/sdmeHmKy0N

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11 Olympic Host Cities: Beijing> Athens> Munich> Tokyo> Moscow> Barcelona> Rome> Los Angeles>… https://t.co/8krxOhboGh

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Sage words from Mahatma Gandhi @ Restaurante e Casa de Forró Cariri https://t.co/OiPkaZoDC5

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Stunning. Today, we take the path less traveled off the beaten path to the Brazilian countryside… https://t.co/N8XFNlEfFF

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Sound the horns, Gentlemen, cuz it's Friday! #germany #germany #Prost #theamazingracechina #极速前进… https://t.co/JntVylo8LL

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Prost 🍻!! Time to get that cold & frosty one ready tonight for the next exciting episode of The Amazing Race China! https://t.co/llk1HdFwDH

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"If you build it, they will come..." #BeAmazing #TheAmazingRaceChina #极速前进 #thefinalpitstop… https://t.co/axuWtAKmeN

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You ain't For RIO unless you've taken a morning swim at one of Brazil's famous beaches even tho… https://t.co/282DvPaF9Z

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The Rio coastline #Rio #Brazil #TheAmazingRaceChina #极速前进 #thefinalpitstop #olympics2016 @ Praia… https://t.co/NvyLWtF01g

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Even on a cloudy day, this is RIO beauty...and the newly constructed Olympic beach volleyball… https://t.co/CQFsvws1tk

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