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As I'm sitting alone in this hotel room in some city I've never ventured to in China called Yaan in the Szechuan Province, I find a sliver of down time to browse thru some old pictures of happy days gone past and remind myself to continue to live a life by action and example to my two little people sprouting up so fast now... And I'll always encourage them to: "...Not follow where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." ✊✊ Tomorrow, we continue blazing our journey towards Thailand thru China... Love and miss you, S&J 💞💞

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Pack yo bags cos we be going road trippin from Mianyang, China, thru Laos to Chiang Mai, Thailand!!! Looks I'll be spending a lot of time on my butt in the car enjoying the scenery...

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Arrived in Mianyang, the second largest city in the Szechuan province behind Chengdu. And when you're in this fabled land of spicy cuisine, it's time to bring the heat with a slew of multiple dishes. And this was just lunch! Absolutely mouth watering and delicious! 😲😲😋😋😉

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Been one day back in Singapore and now it's already time again to pack them bags again and fly out on a new adventure in Chengdu. Hope I can get some sleep on this flight cos I've got tons of driving coming up.... 😩😩😀😉

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Had a great night at Sky Premium's Annual Gala Event at Clifford Pier and now it's time to get set for an exciting road trip in China!

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"Midnight in Paris" tonight in Singapore for Sky Premium. Fun Japanese crowd and delicious food for the gala event 🍷🍻🍺🍸

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Back in Singapore for the first anniversary gala dinner of Sky Premium International at Clifford Pier! #cliffordpier #fullertonbay #skypremium #skypremiuminternational

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Just posted a photo @ The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

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Congrats to this year's 2014 ATV Miss Asia Malaysia winner Miss Jacintha Rae Bell! And don't worry...I definitely woke up for this announcement too! 😂😂😂😉

MissAsiaMalaysia #MissAsia

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Nice to see there sure are a lot of girls winning in this year's ATV Miss Asia Pageant Malaysia 2014! 😀 Now I just have to remember who gets what sash! 😁

MissAsiaMalaysia #MissAsia

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