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Hello @KingXin3 and Welcome to the Twitter-verse! :-)

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"Me muss-skulls kneaded that!" 😃 Feels so good to go in for a deep tissue muscle massage. Thanks Michelle, Amy, and #TamarindSpa 👍 #RubOutThemKnots #IWILL #UnderArmourSEA #underarmourSG

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Good mornin! Always get a good chuckle when I see this vid of J swaggerin it up and celebratin in the middle of his relay race. Where do these youths of today learn these things from?? 😁😜😉 #EarlyCelebratoryMode #SportsDay #HavinFunWhenYaRun #innerstrength #GotMiniSwag

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Just the Three of Us. Been another typical busy day that's gone "swimmingly" swell 🏊🏊🏊 Thank you my two happy little people for showing and reminding me each moment what unconditional love is truly all about....Now go to sleep! 😜😂 #funforallages #cheekymonkeys

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Sporno Wu?!?!@$# Got a good laugh in today's Sunday Straits Times with this article on the arrival of this new moniker called "spornosexual" 😂😂 For me, it's never been about these fancy labels and terminology. Just aim to look your best in anything you wear...or don't! 😉 What do ya think? #SundaySweat #IWILL #UnderArmourSEA #underarmourSG @oakleysg #Oakley #oakleySG #LookBestInYourBirthdaySuit

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Waterbomb! (aka~photobomb in H2O) Great day to have some wet under the sizzling sun! Have a great weekend! #BeatTheHeat #SwimFastDontBeLast 🏊🏊🏊

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Be careful what you wish for! For the past few years, I've been jestering how I haven't been ill in ages. Well, Mama Karma finally decided to do something about that and slapped me sick and silly with the flu this week. Now that I'm on the tail end of this bout, it's great to get back in the gym and be reminded that the most important things in life are family, friends, and that thing we tend to take for granted called health. Have a good weekend and have a good sweat! ✊👍#IWILL #Unfettered #TrueFitnessSG #TrueFitness #UnderArmourSEA #underarmourSG #samsungSG #samsunggear #noexcuses #Note4 #LiterallyASickWorkout 😉

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Wu's Yo Daddy?! 😜 Congrats to my two babies for winning first place and taking the champion's trophy for their respective grades, which was just like last year 😉 So happy and proud of you two, S and J! And let this be an inspiring and motivating lesson for you both to endeavor to always work hard to achieve your own dreams! ✊👍😊 #IWILL #SportsDay #proudpapa #workhardplayhard #WorkItKid

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"I feel the Need...the Need for Speed!" Congrats to getting the fastest time of the day for all the girls AND boys, Baby! 😆 #proudpapa

IWILL #BeastMode #BeFastDontBeLast #SportsDay

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Every year, the children's school organizes a Sports Day for all the students in each grade to have fun and compete in a series of track and field endeavors, and the parents get to enjoy watching them do their best. #IWILL #DoYourBest #SportsDay

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