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After flying and transiting last night and until this morning before driving seven over hours on unpaved bumpy roads, we finally arrived to "base camp" this evening. Tomorrow, we'll trek up the mountains in Palawan to explore how a lost tribe that was only discovered twenty years ago manages to flourish and coexist harmoniously with Mother Nature. Won't have any internet and even possibly electricity once we begin the ascent so maybe I'll catch you on the way down from #SomewhereOutThere ✌#地球那一边 #Palawan #LostTribes #GoingBackToNature

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All oiled and juiced up with cooling coconut before this red eye flight to explore life in the jungle with a lost tribe that was only discovered twenty years ago #SomewhereOutThere #地球那一边 Thank you #nakulasg #justpickedcoco 😊

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From Storm 风暴电子音乐节 (Shanghai) to a Haze (Singapore) and soon off to the Jungle (Philippines) for #SomewhereOutThere #地球那一边 ...too bad we can't just sit back in a chair just like this and teleport here to there! #TheWorldIsYourStage

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Can't be in Shanghai without partaking in a "few" of Yang's Dumplings 小杨 生煎包 哦!Best dumplings ever...and now they also come in shrimp and vegetable versions!! 😋😋 #greatgrub #yangsdumplings #Shanghai #生煎包

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Tiesto! Amazing first night for STORM EDM Music Festival in Shanghai! #Storm #stormmusicfestival #shanghai #Tiesto #China

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Here at the IMS International Music Summit. Was left hanging out alone at the dinner table until I realized everyone went to go watch (and listen) to this legendary DJ in action next door. Great to hear him spinning once again! #IMS #PaulOakenfold #shanghai #chillingsolo

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Looking forward to hosting this once again later this year! ✊

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・・・ @wulander to host #ATA. Photo courtesy of Joel Low Photography. #ATAturns20 #FLYEntertains #FLYEntertaining

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RT @AsianTVAwards: @wulander to host #ATA. Photo courtesy of Joel Low Photography. #ATAturns20 #FLYEntertains #FLYEntertaining http://t.co/…

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Happy Happy Birthday, Sage! The more things may change, some things remain the same... You entered into my life eleven years ago and have given this old man so much joy, blissful memories, and purpose in life. All I want is for you and your li'l bro to be happy, healthy, and believe that you can achieve anything as long as you work hard. And finally...thank you for inspiring me to be a better person. ❤, Daddy #happybirthdaysage #HappyKids #theygrowupsofast #timeflies #rubatosg #MemoriesAmazing #daddysgirl

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Wonder if this captures the essence of the seven seas cos now we can all smell like Captain Jack Sparrow! 😆⚓🆘 Thank you #DiorSauvage #dior #diorhomme

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Come see my website at: www.wulander.com Wow! I think I'm finally catchin on to this Internet

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