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... and that's what I needed to get back on my feet...sorta! 😀

India #Delhi #Humayun

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After spending the day within the nonstop hustle and bustle of the city epicenter, it's truly a sight for sore eyes (and ears) to set foot within the peaceful calm of the first garden-tomb in India for Emperor Humayun...

India #Delhi #Humayun

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I'm gonna be "Boll-er" in Bollywood...or at least try!! 😂😂😂 Fun times in the studios of India to check out these entertaining song and dance sequences.💃💃 Much respect to all of the actors, singers, and dancers in this industry! ✊👌👍

India #Delhi #Bollywood #g2000sg

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Nothing like having some Japanese style Surf N Turf (basically anything at this point) in India after not eating anything since 5 in the morning. Now I'm getting recharged for another day! ✊👍

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"If Looks could Kill...or at least Thrill." Really cool to still see this snake charmer in action cos this old profession is a dying breed. It is the practice of pretending to hypnotise a snake by playing a musical instrument called a Pungi. I wanted to get a closer shot but didn't wanna find out how much worse the snake bite than its crouched pose upright... #snakecharmer #India #Delhi

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Been quite a few years since I've been back to India. The last time I had the special opportunity to drive a car from Delhi to Mumbai through four states and a few massive floods. This place is truly an aural, olfactory, and visual sensory feast! #India #Delhi

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@suarez701pe I forgot to take them this time so I'll have to try again!

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@Real_Athir696 Thank you so much for your support! :-)

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Happy 21st Burfday (for the umpteenth time) to our ever ready steady intrepid Fly Captain @flyirene! 😄👍 But more importantly, thank you for being such a dear friend thru all these years since my humble beginnings in Singapore! I would not be where (and WU) I am today without all your faith and support! 😁😉 Big love!! 😙😙 @flyentertainment #barnaked #MonkeyShoulder #g2000sg

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Good Morning. Good weather. Time to make some time for a good swim before a day full of meetings. Have a good one!

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