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By the Gods of Olympus, you are correct! Athens, here we come! #Greece #Athens #TARC #theamazingracechina #g2000sg


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Good morning from another city, another country! Can ya guess where we are now? 😉

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Goodbye, Dubai! It was fun (and definitely hot) while it lasted. Now time to zip outta here to a "cooler" locale... ✋✋ #Dubai #TARC#theamazingracechina #UnderArmourSG #IWILL #underarmour #Madinat #PhotoGrid

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Time to make a wish...But do some wishes happen on a subconscious level? "If you didn't remember something happening, was it because it never had happened? Or because you wished it hadn't?" - Jodi Picoult, Plain Truth

AlAin #TARC #theamazingracechina #PlainTruth

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Stunning historical sand castle in the city of Al Ail against these bold blue skies. So fortunate to visit these landmarks on the job... #TARC #theamazingracechina #alail #Dubai

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Been a long hot day of filming and finally back to the comforts of my hotel room. Lookin forward to packing up and zipping off again!

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LOL! @logsupacoowacky Wu-Wu-Wunderfull! Amazing Stuff ;-)

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RT @logsupacoowacky: It is a rap parody of Without Me. It features @wulander . It is called Wuthout Me. Enjoy. #amaz…

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Realized that I'm four hours behind Singapore time here in Dubai and missed out on last night's ep of #matamatasg How was it?

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RT @mjharmstone: There would always be a seat available on #yatncast for @PhilKeoghan, @jonmonty, @GrantBowler and @wulander #amazingrace #…

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Allan Wu

Actor, Show Host


Come see my website at: I\'m also Twit on Twitter at \"wulander\" Wow! I think I'm finally catchin on to this Internet ...Read more

Gender Male
English Name Allan Wu
Job Actor and Television Host
Simplified Chinese Name 吴振天

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