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I'm not a huge fan of truffles but these bad boys do look quite enticing...and flown all the way in from Gubbio, Umbria, Central Italy for my friend's ristorante 《Rubato Modern Italian Trattoria》 Plus they've got a mystery mixologist for three days only this weekend. Should we go find out who it may be? 😀

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@Shar316 Unfortunately, not as much as I would like... :(

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Guess WU starts dishing out the clues tomorrow night on The Amazing Race China Celebrity Edition on Shenzhen Satellite TV and Sohu Web TV? I know it's gonna be an amazing trip in itself watching and hearing me do this gig now all in Mandarin! 😂😂😂 Time to get set to jet set off to another exotic locale! 😉 #TARC #theamazingracechina #shenzhensatellite

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Are we dung yet? As in some things in life, if you aren't willing to get your hands deep down dirty in freshly excreted cow dung, then you'll sometimes find yourself a step behind in getting the job at hand done...😁😉 #TARC #theamazingracechina #dung #cowdung #AreWeDungYet

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Just posted a photo @ El Mero Mero

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Having much more fun than I look like I'm having cos I now got the all new bigger, bolder, and better Samsung Note 4! 👍 Thanks again @samsung_sg #SamsungSG #samsunggalaxynote4 #Note4 #MIK

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Good morning! Up at the break of dawn to start school with a bunch of little people again for MIK! Have a good week! #MIK

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Finally back and Home is where the heart is...where these two got mine! Enough of filming reality shows for the moment cos it's time to get back to reality ✌

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As I prepare to embark on the next leg of this journey back to my kids and Singapore, it's a good time to remind myself of the words of ALLA-diN 😉... "Having 2 ears and one tongue means we should listen twice as much as we speak." Nice to remember when I hear I have a habit of blabbin too much...😀 #Dubai #TARC #theamazingracechina #donthearbutlisten #magiccarpet

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Simplified Chinese Name 吴振天
Hometown San Marino, California
City Other Singapore
English Name Allan Wu

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