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Great day and decent cool cloudy weather to take the kids out for a long overdue light track… https://t.co/0Cjk0FjAjv

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Find your wave and ride it 🏂🏂And don't try this at home unless you are prepared to potentially lose your phone!! 😜 #RideTheWave #NewYearNewBeginning #CNY #hangloose #wavehousesg

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Beaten up and bruised from riding and wiping out on those @wavehousesg waves all afternoon but… https://t.co/tmv1Tq7wrr

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Beaten up but from broken from riding and wiping out on those @wavehousesentosa waves all afternoon but that's what life's all about. New Year, New Beginning, No Fear, Take on a New Dare! #CNY #catchsomewaves #wavehousesg #newbeginnings #takesalickingbutkeepsonticking

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Great job @_DanielOng at @WaveHouseSG You rocked those Waves like a Pro Yo!!!

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Been waaay too long away from these waves and no better way to spend Chinese New Year's Eve. Warm up on the Flow Rider and then get set for somevFlow Barrel action #wavehousesg #catchsomewaves #CNY

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So happy for you two and congrats @yuey_tan @clairejedrek Oh... And epic after party too! #blissfulmarriage #happywedding

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LOL @danielwuyanzu @LisaSvj Now that's an e-holiday we can all use. Happy Chinese New Year to ya three!!!

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Time to get pumped up one more time before Chinese New Year feasting #truefitnesssg #IWILL #underarmoursg #CurlsForTheGirls #workhardplayhard

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Great food, Great company...Sounds a bit kinky but up to some Mischief with the boys tonight... #Mischief_ASF #Esplanade

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