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How many guys does it take to change four tires on a Formula One speed machine? Apparently, at least thirteen if you want it done fast and furious! 👍 Great fun this past weekend at the Shanghai International Grand Prix Racing Circuit for the 5th Annual Ferrari Racing Days. 😎 And now that I'm outside of China, I can properly set up my VPN on my phone cos this Great Firewall of China is getting harder and harder to circumvent! 😉 #Ferrari #FerrariChina #FRD #fastandfuriousfun #Shanghai #ShanghaiGrandPrix

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"We are all the same...We are everywhere..." The new trailer for "Four" is out! Let me know what you think ;-)

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@4everwanna888 Thanks for the heads up 😃

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"Dude, Where's My Shirt?!" Good morning and good to be back in Singapore...and look Wu's back on @8daysmagazine this Sunday #IWILL #8DaysMagazine #soundmindsoundbody #StayCool

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How many Italians does it take to change four wheels on a Ferrari? Apparently, quite a few!!

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One lean mean racing dream machine...the Ferrari 488 GTB

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Fast and Furious Ferrari fun this weekend down at the Shanghai International Grand Prix racing circuit...

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Still completely exhausted and jet lagged from yesterday's long haul flight. But ain't gonna let this stand in the way of getting the blood flowing and muscle going I even earned a sleepless night to trim my own hair earlier in the wee hours 😆😉 #IWILL #BeTrueToYou #TrueFitnessSG #LeadByExample #underarmoursg #MindOverMatter #NoExcuses

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Got my fix! Only just discovered that gourmet burgers are big in London now too! This chain only serves two items like its namesake...and their burger and lobster are delicious! 😋 #burgerandlobster #britishburgers #London

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"No matter if you feel small, remember you always have the choice to stand tall." ✊ Was nostalgic to visit this iconic attraction after hosting the Singapore version for the Ripley's show years ago. #ripleysbelieveitornot #ripleys #IWILL #underarmoursg #London

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