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They say "All good things must come to an end." But with every ending, there is a new beginning 👍 It's been an absolute joy to ride this bike and soon it'll be time to make some new memories with a new one. #DucatiSG #ScrapwithKhengKheng #rideforlife

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One more week to go!!! ✊ #ATA #ATAturns20 #asiantelevisionawards

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They say "Each journey begins with the first step" Major props to @danielongsingapore stepping into a gym for the very first time. As much as I've enjoyed staying fit and healthy through the years, I've always found more joy and satisfaction sharing this all with my friends...and of course my two little ones! 💪✊😃 #BeTrueToYou #TrueFitnessSG #soundmindsoundbody #IWILL #UnderArmourSg #BeStrongAllAround #SetThoseAbsOnFire

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Seems like forever since I've used English to host an event (coz it has!) so it's good to know I can still string a few words together for the exclusive launch of VERTU's latest and greatest slick smartphone, the Signature Touch! 😉 #Vertu #VertuSG #imnotreallyhandmadeinengland #flyentertains

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So lucky to have this little man who can still maintain a generous dose of levity even as his old man pushes him to the brink of exhaustion. The lessons we instill in the youth today lay the tracks for the journey they voyage tomorrow... #proudpapa #workit #soundmindsoundbody #fitforlife #LeadByExample

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"Yo Adrian, I did it!!" Went to check out #CREED with @btonelli @mclangan Well done movie paying homage to the original Rocky films!

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We have finally arrived to the premiere of @IntotheBadlands starring @danielwuyanzu on AMC!!! Awesome, D...and can't wait to see!!!

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Time to quickly get my luggage together and prepare for another trip back to China. This time...it's back to Panda Land, Chengdu!!

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"Yo Adrian...I did it!" So creative and well done! https://t.co/ur7veDHKT9

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Great job to the 500+ kids who participated in today's ACSIS Cross Country Championships and proud of my two little ones for a job well done! While I know full well this sport can be a quite monotonous and extremely painful at times, running has always been the foundation for me to stay in shape and rarely fall sick (Actually, I can't recall the last time!). Hopefully, all you kids continue to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle because that is what true happy living is all about! And soon, it's time to switch gears and get set for the track sprinting...Read more

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Come see my website at: www.wulander.com Wow! I think I'm finally catchin on to this Internet

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