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Desparately Seeking...

Right in the middle of a busy day of possible sponsor gathering, my dear friend Gabe called. After a few minutes of chatting about a project he and I have been brewing for some time now, he asked me this age old question:

"Since you are working on this Miss Asia thing, I thought, maybe you are the right person to ask. I'm looking for sponsorships for this thing I am working on...how do you do it?"

Well my dearest Gabe, if there is some big secret to gaining sponsorships I really wish someone would just cough it up. Cheesy as it sounds, I've just been tackling it like I have done with every other project in my life, by just doing it.

Instead, a better question is how do you get over the hump each day to make yourself do it, because for me that has been and always is the biggest challenge. For my curious friends and for Gabe, here is how I've been breaking it down:

  1. Do some research and then use it. Call people. Lots of people are going to tell you, to get anywhere in life, especially in this area, it's all who you know... but how are you going to know people if you don't go out and find people to know.

  2. You know more people than you think. Both to my detriment and to my advantage, I have always utilized my network. Before you start any project, make lists, figure out what you need and figure out who you know that might be connected to that goal and then contact them.

  3. Have a Plan A and a Plan B. Set reasonable deadlines. You aren't always going to get exactly what you want but you can still do a good job by utilizing your resources in the best possible way. Know your goals. Know your limitations. Use them to your advantage.

  4. No sometimes means yes, just not today. Just because someone says no doesn't mean that it's over. Hang on to every piece of information you have gathered, it maybe useful for later, maybe for a project down the road, or you may realize that you can come back with a different angle.

  5. Tell people what you are up to. You would be surprised what will fall in your lap.

So, how is Miss Asia shaping up, you ask?

Just Swell, my friends, just swell. wink

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good advice!
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