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My Little Secret

I don't have any children, but now I have my pageant girls.

I think about them all the time, for example, today my friend Rain and I were having a conversation (slightly edited):

Rain: How are you by the way? Missing anything? Satisfied?

Me(in proper beauty queen format): Thank you for that question Rain. I would say I am pretty satisfied right now, because as I have grown older I've come to realize that what you think you want will not necessarily make you happy and it's the perception of missing something that truly drives discontent. Thank you. Once again, I'm Alice, your contestant number zero.

They've permeated every hour of my day, dictating when I eat and sleep. I stayed up last night worrying if they'd submit their bios on time for the M-Weekly Miss Asia Special Edition and today, I missed out on many of my favorite foods at the dim sum press conference because I was watching them, coaching them through the junket. If you know me at all, food is serious business.

Every night Konnie (my assistant image director and partner in crime)pour over the day's work, making notes to ourselves about how much the girls have done. I'm a little bit the bad cop, ready to tell all the girls where they need to improve, but Konnie always reminds me of how much they have grown and learned in the few short hours we have with them every day.

Even though I am a fashion and beauty girl, having worked in this industry for a good solid ten years, I am not an everyday makeup girl. I am not an every day 4" heels to go to the deli girl. I am not even an everyday brush my hair girl. But for my ladies, I get up every morning and put on makeup and brush my hair. I've opened my vast archive of dresses and put my ridiculous collection of heels to work. I know I need to walk the walk and talk the talk if I want to turn out international pageant winners.

And I know, when they crown Miss Asia East Coast, my very first baby queen, I will be in the wings balling into Konnie's shoulder.

Come see my girls: http://www.sundayusa.us/missasia/info.html

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