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HONG KONG (AFP) - Hong Kong police were investigating Sunday after dozens of Christmas shoppers were burned by bottles of acid hurled from a high-rise building on to one of the city's busiest streets, a report said.

Police said 46 people were injured in a deliberate attack as two large plastic bottles of liquid crashed to the ground in the teeming Mong Kok district at about 5:00 pm on Saturday, the Sunday Morning Post reported.

Witnesses said the victims screamed out and rushed to find water to wash off the liquid, which burned holes in their clothes and damaged their skin, the report said.

"A bottle came down," one man told the English-language paper. "It looked like an ordinary bottle of water, and the crowd began to disperse. Then I saw people with red faces and eyes in pain."

All 46 victims had been released from hospital by the end of Saturday, the report said.

Police said they searched the building where the bottles appeared to be thrown from, but had not arrested any suspects.

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dude, that's seriously evil!
over 15 years ago
wtf is right
over 15 years ago
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Don't you live in a high rise in Mongkok??
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