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48 Hour Film Project HK 2009 - making of "Responsible People" - Friday Night

Putting together our short film entry for the 48 Hour Film Project - Hong Kong 2009 , was a lot of fun!

We started the night at Club 71, to pick up our genre (Comedy), character (Edwin Lai - hairdresser), prop (lychee martini) and line of the dialogue (what's tomorrow's weather going to be like?).

Then it was down in Wan Chai, with one dude dressed as a sort of effeminate Elvis and the other dude as his equally effeminate party friend.

We quickly picked up the "Real" HK Elvis impersonator, "Melvis" and dragged him into the bathroom in Carnegie's to film a dance scene with our two party boys. It all went extremely well until I told some chap that he couldn't go into the bathroom as they were filming some important stuff in there and he responded with "I'm the owner of this bar and I don't give a f*$% what they are doing in there, I'm going into the bathroom" and proceeded to kick the door in against the person who was holding it closed on the other end. Amazingly when he got in, he actually found it pretty funny and let us finish filming there without further incident.

After that we proceeded to film across the streets of Wan Chai, in 7-11's and outside bars.

The highlight of the Wan Chai trip was definitely the mad old Indian man who came up to us. He began his interaction by trying to start a fight with the actors and crew, but when he realised we were filming, insisted to join in and be filmed himself. He then proceeded to repeatedly headbutt a public bin, making our main actor punch him in the stomach in time to his headbutting, whilst he screamed out repeatedly "India - China Relations!" ... very odd!

This is him pre-headbutt:

We said goodbye to Wan Chai only after taking this memorable shot to always remind us of our great night filming there:

Then it was off to Bit Point in LKF to film our "Elvis" drinking shots (poured by Mike) and sniffing enormous lines of Coke off the bar.

Finally finished up with a celebratory beer at Bit Point, before heading home for some serious editing.

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
looks like it was a fun night...
about 10 years ago
Photo 34128
Good times!
about 10 years ago
Photo 80548
Happy faces!!
about 10 years ago
Photo 80548
Funny shot!
about 10 years ago


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