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no longer a VIRGIN

YEAHH!!! I got to do my first official tattoo!!! its small, but its how you use it. lol

I did a Mayan 13 on one of the apprentices and a good friend , Haji. He's been dieing for me to poke him so I did and I believe he went home satisfied. I though I was just gonna outline it but he wanted me to fill it as well, which I never practiced how to fill...but he showed me some techniques and let me make mistakes on him...like I said, a good friend.

I was ready to do more. I didn't want to stop.

let the next chapter begin!

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Photo 221609
so haji let you poke him. is that on his leg? 13 is a good start.
almost 15 years ago
Photo 180048
You`re a surface designer dear AnD friend. Very good!
almost 15 years ago
Zhouxiaofei 88 zhouxiaofei
almost 15 years ago


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