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Taiwan and Japan Recap

So hello, I’m back! I’ve been recovering from my trip (jet lag and a cold).

Taiwan was good, but the days went by fast. We (my parents and I) pretty much went there to see relatives, eat, shop, eat, ride the high speed rail, eat, shop, eat, and EAT. I took many photos of FOOD in both Taiwan and Japan. Unfortunately, I only had the camera on my phone and I have no idea how to get it onto my comp.

Japan was beautiful. We were in Osaka. Got to see many sights and eat lots of delicious food in good portion. I must say that Kobe beef is excellent and that ramen with the thick slab of pork that has the fat that’s melted off is mMm… We had something different every meal and everything was good! Even the all-tofu meal! Besides food, we got to stay at different places each night. I think the coolest place we stayed at was this hot springs hotel in Kyoto where we pretty much got our own little Japanese home with its very own hot spring water tub outside on the balcony! Eat we did, but shop…not so much. Japan’s too expensive! Haha.


Isn’t my dad cute? Haha.


On the waterfront in Kobe.


We visited many, many temples…

More pics here:


Spending a good week and a half in Taiwan/Japan with my parents was pretty cool. Can’t wait until I get to travel some more…

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sweet! i was just at Kiyomizu temple two weeks ago too. the fall colors were amazing there, you went at exactly the right time!
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nice pics ... ADI
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