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Zorro Update

Thats the photos i took two days ago....she been with us for about 10 days and she already gain some weight...seems to grow up pretty fast, start to have some colour change, got some white line on the face and the facial structure seems to get a little more longer....

although she is a girl but she seems to be a little crazy.....and the worse thing is that she go pipi & pupu everywhere even on my bed.... ......anyway.....will update more photos when i am in a better mood....


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haha will,it took almost a year teaching my dog with....pi & pu thing.now she's perfect^^never give up just keep teaching where to do those~jia you!!
about 15 years ago
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hey there... hows it going in BJ????
about 15 years ago


師能授其方圓, 但不能授其心妙!

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