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A New Member Of MADEinHK (Beijing)

I would like to present the new member of MADEinHK who settle in Beijing..... MS ZORRO .....

Pretty isnt she? 40 days old who just join our family this afternoon....i am delighted to have such a pretty member to join up on us and be my side kick hohoho.....and because she look like she is wearing a mask all the time plus a little cool (didnt even move her eye brow when she took a niddle given by the vet) thats why i named her ZORRO.....

Because she is new to the family so i dont know how she will handle the job in the future but from the long sleeping hour (from 3pm-7pm), i think she will be another lazy one.....Herbert, you finally got a mate.....kekeke

There have been a lot of things I came across in the pass two three months in Beijing....will try my best to blog them and will update the news of ZORRO if I have the chance.....until then....take care everyone.....happy chinese new year....


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hai ZORRO! はじめまして!よろしくね(^-^) wow she is cutie.my dog(lulu)is going to be 3years old next month.dog is a perfect partner for you~. see ya!!またね!
over 15 years ago
Jayson 93 2
She is so cute! :)
over 15 years ago
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OMG that's cutest puppy I'v ever seen!! Soooo cute. Just wanna kiss her!! Lucky you :) Bear with the poopoo & pipi, she'll learn when she gets older.
about 15 years ago


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