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I've loved to wear Vans..since 12 years old!!| 當我十二歲...已熱愛Vans!!

Since Phat shared his classic photos in his Vans Classic Tales blog,  I did some searching and found that i got many pictures and stories could share with you guys!

After 30 years...Vans is still along with me..hahaha!

Vans Slip on mongoose & Skyway T/A BMX..

Every time we had Show..Vans is always my best friend..Chukka Boots@Mongolia..!

Taipei Legacy Live House...Shadow x Vans...!!

Everyday jobs..Vans Whip II..Very comfortable..But they're not imported to Hong Kong. I am the only one in HK who got them. Thank you Vans HK!!

Few years ago Milk Magazine - Vans special. Famous Hong Kong cartoonist Mr. Lin Xiangkun made a cartoon version of me..haha!

Milk B Magazine, Vans x Fitbikes Special Edition. My Favorites... I don't even dare to even wear!

In the MV of Mr. Band"零時起哄"...Unknown style of  Vans..

Vans fly with me..@Kuching, Malaysia..This is Rock & Roll concert!

Every pair tells their own tale. What's yours?Go to vans.com/classictales to share yours!|



Vans Slip on mongoose & Skyway T/A BMX..

每次出外做Show..Vans 是我的好朋友..Chukka Boots@內蒙古..!

台北Legacy Live House...Shadow x Vans...!!

每天工作..Vans Whip II..非常舒服..不過香港沒有引入..全香港只得我有.. 謝謝Vans HK!!

多年前Milk雜誌Vans特集.. 香港著名漫畫家林祥焜先生筆下的我..haha!

Milk B 雜誌..Vans x Fitbikes 特別版..是我最捨不得著的至愛!


伴我飛翔的Vans..@馬來西亞古晉..This is Rock & Roll音樂會!


vans.com/classictales和大家分享一下吧 !

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great pics! thanks for sharing.
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