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Back to pescatarian ways!!!

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'Must have slipped right off your neck.' Watching a classic movie at my brother's ( @dovidin ). Can you guess the name of this movie? #picoftheday #goleafsgo #goodmorning

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.h O m e sweet h O m e.

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using a toilet paper roll as a pillow @krissyysmits ;-)

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<- S u n d a y -> #scottishfold #cutey #thislittleguy #goodmorning

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Friday night @ Coffee Time. #wonderful

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purple days, purple ways

flashback #Taipei #fbf #purplehair

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@PaperTapeMusic you're so talented!

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I wonder... #Repost from sarcasm_only with repostapp --- http://t.co/4gCEJOoMl6

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