Meighan Nealon

practiced a new drill on the wooden dummy..maybe some day I'll show you.. #bae #wingchun #factoronto

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RT @CosmikkEnergy: #PlacesIdRatherBe http://t.co/9019gQ5jQt

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that feeling when you fail a test 😿

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So I'm finally going for my g2 test tomorrow morning! I'm SO nervous. Any last minute advice? Wish me luck!

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I would have just laid there until everyone left the show. https://t.co/tAxS57hTpF via @vineapp embarrassing!

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I'm tempted to take a cat nap right now. http://t.co/0OGiVSEeiv

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RT @kaomojicafe: ✧ٛ˃̶̨̡˙ˣੰ͚˙͚ٛ˂̶̧̢༿˒˒

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RT @gxldclouds: I'm still working on myself

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