Meighan Nealon

Saturday with Mom Selfie #goodmorning

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Too bad this park doesn't allow any skaters..for the longest time I thought it did. #chilly #niceday #friday #SOS

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I ordered Guarana ..they served me Corona instead. Bottoms up!

longday #Thursday #corona

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RT @SMILEYFACEJONEZ: @m3galuv he baseezy still scared sis. We gotta keep teaching him bout real scary movies.… https://t.co/u9OiCD8BNd

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Look at me meow!

meow #iamcat #Taiwanese

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NEW VLOG! Make sure you subscribe! #music #food #family #home #travel

New VlOG Once a Week! Subscribe! http://t.co/UuArecl3PH

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How I feel after eating fruit... 🍇 (Vine by @foster_dawg) https://t.co/NKx6clIXsZ

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Meighan Nealon


Birthday 07-25
Gender female
Location Toronto, Canada
Languages Spoken english, mandarin

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