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🚀 Taking the next flight to outer Space....but first, time to record.

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Allowing myself to be alone with my inner work, I am focused and unavailable for distractions. I am single-minded and clear ॐ #Concentration

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"Energy never dies...it just transforms." Lisa Lopes. A beautiful soul. May 27th 1971- April 25th, 2002. #lefteye

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"We are gathered here today...to get through this thing called, life." .... Thank you, Prince. <3

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RT @earthfuI: i need an evening like this https://t.co/rcHzBuHzVw

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Working on my craft. :-) #vocalchords #vocallessons #music

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My sister Krissy uploaded a new track to Soundcloud. She sounds so l o v e l y. Listen for yourself.. #m3galuv

Song: Candles by Daughter (cover)


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What a treat! My brother Davids, uploaded a new track to soundcloud. Listen, and if you like.. show him some M3GA LUV. He's got more music in the making! I'm so proud!

Artist: Davids (我的兄弟)

Song: 30分鐘


thatvoice #sodeep #mybrother #soproud #30minutes #like #subscribe #share #havefun #peace

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