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RT @ManifestYourOwn: Be open to the possibilities of today.

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The sun doesn't look for praise, and yet, it rises every morning...

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lovin' the smell of change in the air

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RT @RyanJcropper: WIN a FREE COPY of my upcoming book Get connected! By Retweeting this #Astralprojection video https://t.co/MzV0y3MpOT h…

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Easy to open up to the mic in the studio. Difficult to open up to the camera... (teehee). That being said, shout to Sze-Yang Ade-Lam for helping me prepare for my next music video that will be directed by Adrian Gariba. Finishing the final shots this week. SOOO, you know what that means...


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making this moment last https://t.co/WuioVpl2h1

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RT @DeAndresPage: Night drive and chill https://t.co/kwJLn5Aewd

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the things that come are the things that go ~ attach yourself to nothing, not even to what you know @IAmKRSOne

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My space. 🚀 https://t.co/qXXrh6iEhm

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