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cat naps




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Let's Go! #autumn #fall #changeofseasons #Canada

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This is the look he gives us when we tell him his girlfriend is by the window. #Ringo #Taiwanese #indoorcat #instacute #curious #goodnight

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Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup @ TaiwanFEST in #Toronto ..with the fam #sohappy

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@DiRtYJOEDIRT thank you so much!!! Wish you nothing but happiness & peace to you and yours!! 🎉

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If you want to make the world a better place...take a look at yourself, and make the change. #MichaelJackson

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BTW ... Got married to my other half earlier this month. #feelsoblessed (saved half of our wedding cake) :) http://t.co/nEZzm6Q5Ut

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missing the #mehndi on my hands :-(

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A shoot from a couple of days ago for the @hater_snapback website. By the way...did you know that the brim can be removed ...and you can replace it with another brim by simply zipping on?!!! Incredible creation! #streetwear #snapback #hater #girlsinsnapbacks

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Me winning music award: Shout out to our stool, which made it easier for me to reach the mouse after each take. :') http://t.co/Ss2ZcuMTcZ

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