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This is how to wake up! :))) 🌠 Raoul Wilke dancing to TWINKLE!! 🌠

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My new single TWINKLE is now uploaded to youtube!

Shout out to Thelonius Poon for the awesome visual! And again, to Turbovcr for the UK Garage inspired production!

M3GA <3


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M3GA - TWINKLE https://t.co/Uw5ioD5GNz #NowPlaying

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M3GA - TWINKLE (Out Now!)


Thank you to Missy & Friends for the lovely cover art! And Turbovcr for the real smooth production!

HappyValentines #Twinkle #Spotify #AppleMusic #Beatport #Junodownload #NewMusic #TwinkleTwinkleLittleStar #Playlist #M3GA #M3GALUV

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listening to something beautiful, a song by @mully_music & @OfficialSHVMAN ... https://t.co/UkPTHbW35n

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What is LOVE? I can barely answer this question...but I'm going to try an unconventional approach. Love for me is a sense of being whole and complete. It doesn't feel like sharing but rather like belonging. It's a warm embrace of something deeper that goes beyond the skin. When you look at the sky at night you are looking at the past. You see stars that may not be there anymore. You see what the universe looked like. The stars are the ultimate love potion. Love for me belongs in the stars....we are literally made from them. When you find the perfect match ...Read more

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For my next single I want to take you with me to my nightly walk home on Longbridge Road in 2007. I want you to sh… https://t.co/Hvk1rg0cPT

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In 2007 I was living in the UK in Seven Kings in East London. So, I remember biking home from work at Hoo Hing near Goodmayes with the dreams I had for music then. Those were the days when Grime started to get popular. Adrian (TurboVcr) was actually working with EC in our little one room living and recording space. Really little but cozy for us. At the time EC was huge in the UK with the "Neva Wanna say Bye Bye" a song which charted in the top 5. It was that classic UK garage sound …updated. I remember listening to Craig David's (Born to Do it) and Madon...Read more

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Toronto, Canada
January 19, 2010