Meighan Nealon

working on the 7's if that makes any sense #breaktime http://t.co/x2Z8fXDCOE

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I had gone to vocal lessons earlier today. My teacher suggested we work on 'This Woman's Work' Maxwell's version (...originally by Kate Bush). Most of the song seems to be sung in falsetto! Mixed feelings about showing clips of my vocal lessons, maybe once in awhile :-) #vocals #katebush #maxwell #lesson #outerspace #2015

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Back to pescatarian ways!!!

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@shadraelav8 yup!

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'Must have slipped right off your neck.' Watching a classic movie at my brother's ( @dovidin ). Can you guess the name of this movie? #picoftheday #goleafsgo #goodmorning

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.h O m e sweet h O m e.

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using a toilet paper roll as a pillow @krissyysmits ;-)

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<- S u n d a y -> #scottishfold #cutey #thislittleguy #goodmorning

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Meighan Nealon


Gender female
English Name M3GA
Birthday 07-25
Job Singer, Rapper, Performer

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