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Getting ready for LUMINA !!!!

Three days count down to the filming of LUMINA (web series season 1).

I am sick these days... canceled two castings and a shooting :(...ya I really needa rest up before the filming starts :P

We have our fitting yesterday evening at our clothing sponsors' stores: chapel, threeringcircus, and DNM.

Most cast members has showed up for the fitting:

Lumina- JuJu

Ryder- Michael

Eliza- Shelly

Teddy- Vince

James- LJ

Serena- Kate

Photos from the fitting:


LUMINA is a new, original-content web series to be released on its owndedicated website, as well as on selected popular entertainment websites. The first season of Lumina will be ten web-broadcast episodes (“webisodes”) each with a running time of five minutes.

The series follows the adventures of Lumina Wong, an overworked young Hong Kong woman who aspires to have everything in life: perfect work, perfect family. When her commitment-shy boyfriend of five years leaves her to marry a mainland Chinese woman, Lumina's carefully crafted world starts to unravel. Vulnerable and filled with self-doubt, she meets and falls in love with Ryder, a mysterious man from another world that she can only see in mirrors and darkened windows – a handsome prince who is everything her ex-boyfriend was not. Over the course of the first season, she discovers that not only is Ryder not who he seems to be, but that he's at the center of a terrible and deadly secret.

LUMINA will be filmed in December 2008 and is expected to be released in early 2009.

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Great stuff girl!! Just realized we never had a picture together... well beside the group pic we took over at the last speak up! Hehehe Dont worry, Ill make it up to ya!! Cheers and see you in.. 1 day!
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