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48 Hour Film Project - "Lost and Found"

Making a short film in 48 hours from scriptwriting, filming, editing, ... to finishing, all within 48 hours. This is a wonderful experience, and I really enjoy working with the great team =D

Everything started at 7pm on Oct 30 (Friday). Our producer and director received our genre - Romance


Character:Edwin or Eva Lai, Hairdresser

Prop:a lychee martini

Line of Dialogue:"What's tomorrow's weather going to be?"After 11 hours of planning, discussion, and script writing, actors started arriving to the Sheung Wan studio at 6am. 6am in the morning

Make up by Chris Chung Getting ready for filming.  

Producer - Angela Ho

Director - Matthew Burley

Director of Photography - Darren Hayward

Writer - James Williams

Assistant Director - Julian

Photographer - Timothy O'Rourke

Editor - Lam Thuy Vo

Musical Editor - Barney Bruce


Eva - JuJu Chan

Felipe - Olivier De Molina

Sam - Jackie Chow

Boss - Andrew Ng

Production Assistants:


Vivienne Chow

Make up - Chris Chung

Filming started at 9am.

Our first location is on Hollywood Road by the temple.

At Hollywood Park

Filming in a salon.

Power naps between shoots.

My nice apartment =D Filming in the FCC lounge. Group pic in front of FCC. Cheers~ Back in the studio, viewing the footage. V.O. recording on Nov 1 at 10am Editor working hard on finishing up the film.

Before 7:30pm on Nov 1 our finished product being dropped off at Club 71.

Project completed! Hurray!!!


Premiere Screenings

Date:    Friday, November 6th

Time:    8:30pm

Place:    Agnes b Cinema, HK Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai

Tickets:    50 HKD

Notes:    Reserve tickets by emailing hongkong@48hourfilm.comand can be picked up at the Kickoff or Dropoff. Tickets cost $50 and there is no assigned seating. Come to Drop afterwards for the Wrap Party!

Wrap Party

Date:    Friday, November 6th

Time:    begins at 11pm

Place:    Drop, Basement, On Lok Mansion, 39-43 Hollywood Road, Central

Notes:    Drinks are 30% off until 1am.  All teams are on the list!

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Looks like it will be cool. Congrats! Can't wait to see it. Hope you like our 48 Hour flic that will be screening Friday as well.
over 14 years ago
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lookin HOT dont mind me sayin
over 14 years ago
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congrats on finishing!
over 14 years ago


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