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Hello Kitty Gate @ Taiwan's Airport

When I came back to L.A. from Taiwan last week, I had about 2 hours to spare at the airport so I took a walk around.

I've flew in and out of Taiwan so many times but I've never noticed that there's a Hello Kitty Gate.

Maybe its new? Or maybe I just never walked to that side of the airport but I find it pretty interesting so I'm sharing it here.

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Back To L.A.

Just got back to L.A. after a very short trip to Taiwan.

Trying to get over this jetlag so I don't wake up at 5 am...been doing that for days in Taiwan but the same thing happened this morning after coming back to L.A.

Anyway, when I arrived at LAX yesterday afternoon, it was very crowded. The lines were extremely long and took more than 2 hours from landing to actually walking out.

The whole arrival area had been closed down and everybody was told to walk out without stopping anytime. When I walked out, there was a l...Read more

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Taiwan 2009

Just some random pics here in Taiwan.

Boarding from LAX to Taiwan.

My hotel room.

The complimentary breakfast buffet at the...Read more

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Taiwan Here I Come

Ok, I'm all packed up and ready to fly tomorrow.

This time ,its Taiwan again for just a few days. Very short trip.

The jetlag might be tough for such a short trip but I'm looking forward to the food again!!

And of course, catching up with some old friends and hopefully, make some new ones too.

Getting excited!

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My Sister Is Finally On AND

Hi everyone, just to let everybody know that my sister Marie Chao is finally a member of Alive Not Dead.

I've been trying to get her to join for a while and I'm so glad that she did it!

Marie is a cinematographer/photographer/director here in L.A. who has worked on lots of tv shows, music videos and films.

Make sure to check her page out!


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Alive Not Dead L.A. Event

Just went to the first Alive Not Dead event in L.A.

The event was held at L.A. Live.

Staples Center and Nokia Theater.

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Mix It Like A Record Workshop By Charles Dye

Hi fellow AnD members, I would like to introduce a workshop to everyone called Mix It Like A Record, or MiLar.

It is a mixing workshop for audio engineers conducted by  engineer/producer/mixer Charles Dye.

Charles is a Grammy-winning engineer and  is a pioneer mixing educator with credits such as Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Jon Bon Jovi, Sammy Hagar, and Ricky Martin. In his workshop, he teaches the concept of getting record-sounding mixes through the use of plug-ins and automation, and how to make th...Read more

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Happy Chinese New Year!

CNY is a great time for lots of good food!

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Namm Show 2009

The NAMM Show is a 4-day trade show that is held annually in January at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.

It is the largest  music trade show in the United States and manufacturers from all over the world attend this event to showcase their new products.

I just came back from the show and wanted to share some pics with our fellow AnD members.

My badge. This is what get's...Read more

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What I've been doing lately (besides working of course!)

Installed Leopard on all of my Macs.

Got a new pair of glasses.

Went to my old friend Ava's birthday party.

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