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Mix It Like A Record Workshop By Charles Dye

Hi fellow AnD members, I would like to introduce a workshop to everyone called Mix It Like A Record, or MiLar.

It is a mixing workshop for audio engineers conducted by  engineer/producer/mixer Charles Dye.

Charles is a Grammy-winning engineer and  is a pioneer mixing educator with credits such as Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Jon Bon Jovi, Sammy Hagar, and Ricky Martin. In his workshop, he teaches the concept of getting record-sounding mixes through the use of plug-ins and automation, and how to make the artist sound like a star.

I actually attended his workshop a few  years ago and have benefitted a great deal from it. I also eneded up taking private lessons from him after the workshop and considers him a mentor and a very influential person in my music career.

The workshop  will be held in RSPE, Universal City, CA in March of 2009.

So if you are (or planning to be) in L.A., please check out this workshop.

Here's a link from RSPE:


And here's the Facebook Event page:


Oh and btw, Charles is a very nice guy! :-)

Until next time!

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Johnny is a producer/engineer/composer/guitar player located in Los Angeles, CA. http://www.youtube.com/user/FatsoMusicInc

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