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Hello Kitty Gate @ Taiwan's Airport

When I came back to L.A. from Taiwan last week, I had about 2 hours to spare at the airport so I took a walk around.

I've flew in and out of Taiwan so many times but I've never noticed that there's a Hello Kitty Gate.

Maybe its new? Or maybe I just never walked to that side of the airport but I find it pretty interesting so I'm sharing it here.

Of course, I had a chance to meet up with a few old friends from M.I. (Musician's Institute)

That's guitar player Jeff, Me, keyboard player Kate and keyboard player Joyce.

We missed you Brian, I'm sure we'll meet next time.

Till next time!

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I heard there is actually a Hello Kitty plane as well - from Taipei to Japan, EVA airlines...
about 14 years ago
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Ha,that's Jeff and his wife Joyce! Where did they take you to?
about 14 years ago
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Thanks Johnny. OMG!! Hello Kittysssssss!!! I love the airport!!
about 14 years ago
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haha - was wondering the same thing when i was at TPE a month ago. thanks for the welcome note!
about 14 years ago


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