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Back To L.A.

Just got back to L.A. after a very short trip to Taiwan.

Trying to get over this jetlag so I don't wake up at 5 am...been doing that for days in Taiwan but the same thing happened this morning after coming back to L.A.

Anyway, when I arrived at LAX yesterday afternoon, it was very crowded. The lines were extremely long and took more than 2 hours from landing to actually walking out.

The whole arrival area had been closed down and everybody was told to walk out without stopping anytime. When I walked out, there was a lot of security and also cops in bullet-proof vest. Lots of reporters too so it was clear that somebody was coming but nobody knew who.(or nobody would tell)

Right after I walked out, everyone started taking pictures and flashes everyhwere. So I turned around and all I could see was reporters running and taking pictures.

It turned out that it was Jennifer Lopez returning from Japan to L.A.

Too bad I didn't get a chance to take any pictures but here's one that was posted online.

I guess she was just a couple of minutes behind me.


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Cool! did she fly her own jet?
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