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Fresh Ink by Gabe (Part 4)

We're getting there... Another quick two hour session last night with Gabe at Ace Dragon on the stunning leg piece he's been doing for me. And it just gets better and better. Only two more sessions to go before I can unveil the finished masterpiece... Respect!

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Sakura & Snowboarding

I just got back to town after a much needed break and two weeks in Japan. First stop was Tokyo were some good friends were married in a traditional ceremony at a Shinto shrine. It was an amazing event on the most perfect spring day – the courtyard of the shrine was filled with cherry blossom, fluttering about like giant snowflakes. Nice.

Then it was off to catch the very end of the snowboarding season in Niseko. There was still plenty of snow up the mountain and although it wasn't exactly Niseko's famed powder condit...Read more

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Galleri THREE - Launch Tomorrow

Just a reminder that we're launching the third of issue of our Galleri magazine tomorrow night, so please stop by, enjoy a (sponsored) drink and make us look good...

From the early feedback we're getting, this is apparently the best issue we've done so far, so (in theory) the launch party should be pretty good too.... Anyways - please drop us a line if you want to stop by - capacity is limited, and its another one of those "list only" events.. (secret yawn)

Thx for the continued support, w...Read more

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Clam Magazine

The new issue of Paris based magazine CLAM landed on my desk this morning, complete with a whole 12 page feature on some of Hong Kong's finest - and rather modestly, I am proud to be one of those pages... Check out the whole thing and see who else was featured over at the ChinaStyluspage.

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It's weird in the countryside...

Over the long weekend, me, Mrs FC, Baby FC and a bunch of friends went deep into the Hong Kong countryside to stay with some friends, get some fresh air and generally chill, eat and enjoy a nice view... A great time was had by all, but I was reminded just how strange things get in the countryside.

When I was a very little kid I was brought up in the English countryside, where I'd frequently come across fences with dead and decaying creatures hanging on them (stuff like rats, moles and all those little rodenty...Read more

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Designer DJs?

OK - so this is just a shameless plug for an event next week organised by my old DJ partner AKW... But it's also kind-of relevant because I did design the poster series... I may have hung up my headphones, but I just can't keep away from the scene... Anyways, if you like your tech funky and your breaks techy, then FIREBALL could well be for you...

Easter Holiday March 20 at HEAT in Wanchai with Hitoshi Ohishi, Frankie Lam, Dicky Lau, Michael Lam, DJ Ball and the one and only mighty AKW.

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A city with a soul worth saving?

Anyone who lives and works around the Central area as I do will no doubt be aware of the government's plans to tear out the heart of the neighbourhood and replace it with yet more faceless tower blocks, car parks and office towers. The whole of the Central wet-market (and that includes ChinaStylus studio) will be raised to the ground in the name of "Urban Renewal" (simply re-arrange the letters and you get "greed, corruption, self-interest")...

The awareness campaigns and exhibitions in opposit...Read more

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Fresh Ink by Gabe (Pt 2)

Here's how we're looking after another ticklish 5 hour session on my leg... Almost 30% of it covered now and it's looking awesome... The shading and detail are way beyond what I could ever have expected.. I'm stoked... Once again, a very big thank you to my man Gabe for his incredible skill and patience...

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Olympic Boredom

Is it just me, or is the Olympic "Games" just a very elaborate and complex cover for what is actually a massive global marketing campaign for all the big brands? It's supposed to promote health and well-being and yet some of the largest sponsors are the fast food and fizzy crap manufacturers. And if the Olympics is all about track records, most of the major sponsors are performing pretty badly when it comes to genuine environmental issues... Somehow to me it just doesn't stack up.

I respect and appreciate that for th...Read more

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New Music - Exclusive to AnD...

Ok, so the "new" bit isn't 100% correct, but it is exclusive... Now uploaded here are a few choice cuts from a couple of the music projects I've been involved with over the years.

First up is Black Dragon – a little Asian inspired breakbeat dim sum by myself and producer / composer genius Pete Millward (Celestial) who naturally did most of the work while I sat around drinking beer and saying stuff like, "Can you make it sound like it's in the other room?" Very helpful.

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