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Aids Orphans

Just a quick one to let everyone know about an event that we're supporting / sponsoring this coming Saturday March 1st at Olympian City 2 in Kowloon. Organised by the Chi Heng Foundation, its an awareness / fundraising dance gig to help the foundation in their work in providing care and educational support to children impacted by AIDS in Central China.

Find out more: http://www.chfaidsorphans.com

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Photo Shoots & Boat Yards

There's only one thing I dislike more than winter. And that's having a proper photo taken. So having a photo shoot in winter is about as bad as it gets. I know I'm supposed to look all cool and dark and with "attitude", but when I try that I just look like I'm in a bad mood. I'd rather be smiling, but then I just look simple and gormless. So when I was told I needed a profile shot for CLAM in Paris, it was a dark day indeed. But with the combo of a great photographer (Timon Wehrli at Red Dog) and my...Read more

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More Winter Wake Action

Maybe its just me, but I reckon winter's almost over.. Could be that I'm just hoping it is, but yesterday on the South Side it was a glorious day and we felt that unfamiliar yet unmistakable feeling of sunshine on skin... The water was damn cold though, and a little expat brat party on a balcony over-looking the bay gave us a chorus of "YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!" every time we did a pass.... Man, it was great to back in the water!

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Fresh Ink by Gabe

With the weather being so miserable and the water being a bit cold for this warm blooded wakeskater, what else was there to do but get the tattoo that I've planning for ages with Gabe over at Ace Dragon... When its complete, the freehand piece will cover the whole of my lower leg and feature a Koi Carp, a Siamese Fighting fish, lots of waves, stars, skulls and all sorts of other subtle detailing...

Here's a couple of snaps from the first 4 hour sitting, with another 2 sittings planned for the coming weeks (hopefully before t...Read more

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Art & Wakeboarding

If you're into your riding, check out The Standerd Quarterly from Orlando USA, a truly beautiful wakesport magazine created by the best photographers in the business - Josh Letchworth and Joey Meddock... Just released is Issue 4 and I'm really stoked to have contributed some artwork to this issue (below)... If this kind of thing floats your boat, get yourself a copy from any X-Games shop in HK... (www.thestanderdquarterly.com)

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Getting high at the weekend

My boy Al Letby getting some air off the double-up yesterday... It's getting cold out there but it's still better than not going at all...

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Winter Sun

Yesterday was a beautiful day for wakeskating on the south side...

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