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My new tattoo. 我的新紋身

**my new tattoo:

This is my second tattoo, be strong to be useful, is the philosophy of Parkour.

Be stong to be useful, mean that you should make yourself strong, than use your ability on something meaningful, like helping people.

That's not only make your body strong, mind, skill, conviction.... ect. You need to be strong inside and outside, you should make your body strong, then you got  enough force to do something to help someone, but you also need to make your mind stong, never give up on something you trust, make your behavīor to show other people, how is Parkour life, show other people what is confidence, support, share and others.

I want use the parkour to help pther people, like train up other people, promote parkour sport to make it popular, use parkour to build up someone's confidence, make it to tattoo, remind myself to be a good man, always helping someone.**


Thank you for TATTOO TEMPLE give me a nice tattoo.**


我的第2個紋身, 是Parkour的哲學思想-Be storng, To be useful, 意思是要將自己變得強壯, 將能力用於有意義的地方上。

強, 不只是指身體上的強大, 還有意志上, 思想上的強, 要堅持自己所信的, 要自我發。

Be storng, To be useful, 將自己的能力用於有意義的地方上, 去幫助別人, 在我自己來說. 將自己的技巧, 所認識的去教育新一代, 推廣Parkour, 將Parkour的思想帶給別人, 讓別人在Parkour中找出自己的路。技巧上, 要將身體變強, 之後將不同的肌肉用於不同的動作上, 在人生, 用自己的能力, 去幫助別, 推廣Parkour, 讓更多人認識Parkour的思想, 教育新一代喜歡Parkour的, 讓他們在他們的Parkour中找到他們自己, 自己的路, 自己的人生, 訓練不同的人,女性, 小數族裔, 不同的人, 我相信會有不同的體會, 建立他們的自信, 學習面對自己, 處理逆境, 找尋人生, 要幫人, 首先要有能力, 能力越大, 責任越大, 紋身, 是要警醒自己, 不要忘記自己堅持的, 所信的, 當自己得到成功, 不要忘記自己的目的, 自己的信念。Be strong, To be useful.**


紋身由TATTOO TEMPLE 所造, 感謝做了一個漂亮的紋身。**

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